Newsflash: August 5, 2012

Congrats to Megan Bostic, winner of a copy of Emily’s Dress and Other Missing Things!

From the 2012 Debs…

Deb Joanne – doesn’t have any book-related news this week, but she is planning to maybe vacuum her house this week, something that hasn’t happened since her book released four weeks ago. She’s also hoping her mother doesn’t read this.

Deb Erika made her travel reservations for SIBA 2012 –and hopes to see many Deb Friends while she’s there!

Deb Molly is looking forward to next weekend, when she’ll be in the Twin Cities to teach a class called “Unpacking Plot” at The Loft!

Deb Linda was thrilled to find out Kirkus thinks In a Fix is “Bright, fizzy, sexy and amusing—the perfect antidote to an attack of post-summer blues.” Fizzy makes her think of the champagne she’s going to drink to celebrate!

Past Deb News

Deb Elise was featured in SHAPE magazine, along with Deb Friends Allison Winn Scotch and Deb Guest Jennifer Gooch Hummer, for their novels and their fitness secrets! Way to go, ladies!

Deb Dish – Since we’re talking “Voice” next week, whose literary “Voice” always speaks to you?

Deb Joanne – A.S. King – I have the good fortune of counting Amy as one of my friends, but my goodness, her voice is amazing. I have to share the opening paragraph of PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ because it rocks so hard. “The pastor is saying something about how Charlie was a free spirit. He was and he wasn’t. He was free because on the inside he was tied up in knots. He lived hard because inside he was dying. Charlie made inner conflict look delicious.”

Deb Erika I think Jo-Ann Mapson has a wonderful voice in her writing–as do Louise Erdrich and Alice Hoffman. In terms of a distinct voice, I would have to say Annie Proulx. These women make it look so easy, and as we writers and readers know, it’s anything BUT.

Deb Molly Recently I’ve been re-reading Annie Dillard’s <i>Pilgrim at Tinker Creek</i>, an old favorite, and I’m struck by how young the narrative voice sounds to me. I’ve always loved the book for its vivid imagery and wild, sometimes violent portrait of the world, but never before has it struck me as being a young person’s book. This means I’m getting old, doesn’t it?

Deb Rachel I certainly haven’t read all of her books, but I was so moved by Joan Didion’s voice in The Year of Magical Thinking and Blue Nights. The story is so tragic, and the way she tells it is just piercing.

Deb Linda I love Harlen Coben’s voice in his Myron Bolitar novels. Well, all his novels, but the Myron Bolitar ones in particular. Myron is smart, a great friend, and always ready with a wisecrack under the toughest circumstances. Plus, he loves his parents. What’s not to like?

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    1. Oooh, a Mimosa! Sounds perfect to me. 🙂

      And I totally hear you on the vacuuming. I’m not penciling it in on my calendar until well after In a Fix releases. 😉

  1. I’m so glad Kirkus is intelligent enough to see the awesomeness that is IN A FIX. : ) As for the vacuuming? I’m proud to say that this happened yesterday at my house. (buffs fingernails). I’m good for awhile now. : )

    1. Thanks, Kerry!

      And I’m totally jealous you got your vacuuming done. Does that mean you’re now free to come do my house? 😉

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