News Flash: December 18, 2011

Congrats to Na S., winner of a copy of Tamar Cohen’s The Mistress’s Revenge!

From the 2012 Debs…

Deb Joanne is delighted to share her cover with you! (this is quite the week for covers!)

Deb Erika STILL hasn’t made any egg nog–but she has made great progress on her writing. So that’s something. Right?…right?

Deb Molly will be on a panel at the Loft’s Children’s and Young Adult Literature Conference in April. It’s a great conference, the Loft is absolutely fabulous, and Minneapolis is a great city — you should come!

Deb Linda is wrangling cats and kiddos, and having a great time despite not getting any writing done.

Deb Rachel can’t believe MWF Seeking BFF will be in stores this Tuesday!  She’s so excited that O, The Oprah Magazine called it one of “10 Titles to Pick Up Now,” the Chicago Tribune named it an editor’s choice, and Self and Chicago magazines recommended, it too!

Past Deb News

More new covers! Deb Tawna‘s cover for BELIEVE IT OR NOT which is slated for release from Sourcebooks in March 2012! (Deb Tawna has some exciting book deal news to share too!)

A sample of Deb Eleanor‘s THE WEIRD SISTERS is included in Penguin’s Holiday eSampler, alongside John Steinbeck, Jack Kerouac and Judy Blume! What a great gift idea!

Deb Kim‘s ALL I CAN HANDLE is is on sale for just $1.99 Amazon Kindle version. And the paperback (with a new chapter, recipes and a book club guide added) is also available now!


Friends of the Debs

Deb Guest Paul Elwork revealed the paperback cover for his novel THE GIRL WHO WOULD SPEAK FOR THE DEAD which releases on March 6th!

Deb Guest Kelly O’Connor McNees announced that her next novel, IN NEED OF A GOOD WIFE, has sold to Berkley–congratulations, Kelly!

Deb Dish — What smell do you most associate with the holidays?

Deb Joanne – Easy: oil. Due to this being the ‘everything should be fried in oil’ holiday, I can’t escape that deep fryer smell.  I’m drooling right now just thinking about the latkes. Only a few days to go!

Deb Erika is not embarrassed to admit (okay, maybe a little but oh well) that she has kept a single incense cone of a (now discontinued) holiday scent from Crabtree & Evelyn from–no joke–20 years ago. Every Christmas I unpack it (still in its box, like it’s some sort of collectible doll, for Goodness’ sake) and periodically take whiffs throughout the holiday. So far it has worn its age proudly. Who knew unused incense held up so well?

Deb Molly’s mother used to stick cloves in oranges (which apparently is called a pomander, thanks internet!) and hang them in the windows. Apparently it’s very easy and there’s no reason I shouldn’t do the same in my own house, except I’m too busy dressing the greyhound up like Santa and taking funny pictures.

Deb Linda That’s easy — the Glögg (Scandinavian mulled wine) heating on the stove for our Christmas Eve party. It warms you through and through, body and soul. Yum!

Deb Rachel What’s weird is that mine is the classic Christmas tree smell… even though I’m Jewish. There’s a Christmas tree lot that I pass every morning on my way to get my Diet Coke, and I just love it. I have a Fir & Blue Sage scented candle that gets it just right.

* * * *
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8 Replies to “News Flash: December 18, 2011”

  1. So much great news here and my goodness, I need to fan myself after looking at Tawna’s new cover!

    But, uh, Molly – when do WE get to see these pictures?

  2. Love your cover, Joanne! And TG says to tell you that you have the greatest title ever.

    Molly, my mom would make the pomanders from oranges and cloves, too. When I remember, I try to put one out — they ARE easy, and smell so good.

    Oh, and I’m hoping “Half-Naked Man Week” gets a lot of votes. (What? Is that wrong? Should I not have said that? *innocent grin*)

    1. Half Naked man week is WRONG, just WRONG, Linda. But in a very completely unrelated question, are Debs allowed to vote, uh, anonymously? 😉

      Thanks to you and TG (or is it THE TG) for the cover/title love!

  3. Can you believe this week of news?! ‘Tis the season, indeed!

    Pomanders ROCK, Molly. Thanks for reminder of that smell. We made those as kids too. It may have been only once, but it was a lasting memory.

    Oh COURSE Debs are allowed to vote–anonymously or otherwise. Throw that pasta on the wall, all. Let’s see what sticks, I say.

    That said, HALF-NAKED MEN is our first official entry.

  4. I LOVE the book cover! how exciting!!

    How could I not support half-naked man week? If that doesn’t work, I’d also be up for some thriller (medical or legal). If I could get both…!

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