Newsflash: December 30, 2012

From the 2013 Debs…

Deb Kerry is totally excited to announce that there will be a Goodreads giveaway of BETWEEN starting on January 31st!

Deb Dana received a box on xmas eve from her UK publisher, filled with 10 copies of the UK version of her book!

Deb Amy reports that her parents have read THE GLASS WIVES even while standing in the rain and snow!

Deb Dish – When in the writing process did you know what your next writing project would be?

Deb Amy: I had ideas all along that I worked on during downtime with The Glass Wives. None of them are what I’m actually working on now, but I think they all led me in the right direction!

Deb Dana: As I worked on book #1, I also worked a bit at the farmers’ market to make a little extra cash, and some of what I encountered there inspired book #2 .

Deb Kerry: When I got signed for a two book contract, it became clear that the next book I’d be working on would be the sequel to BETWEEN. Before that, I was working on my geriatric vampire novel. I need to get back to it soon – he’s getting impatient, and that won’t end well.

Your Turn!! If you write, how far in advance does your next project pick you? If you read: how far in advance do you pick the next book off the “to be read” pile?