Newsflash: January 6, 2013

From the 2013 Debs…

Deb Kerry got her first official review (in addition to the awesome and lovely unofficial ones) from RT Magazine. They gave Between four stars and said nice things about it. Deb Kerry is also excited about the Goodreads giveaway – twenty-five chances to win! You can enter here.

Deb Susan received her copyedited proof pages for CLAWS OF THE CAT, and she’s busy proofreading this weekend. She’s also looking forward to seeing galleys very soon!

Deb Amy is answering very good questions from the proofreader. Three cheers for proof readers! Deb Amy is also giving away an ARC of THE GLASS WIVES to one person who signs up for her newsletter by January 10th. You can sign up here!

Deb Dana received a lovely review in the UK paper The Daily Mail! The UK version of her book was also included in Amazon UK’s “12 Days of Kindle” promotion and consequently has been in the Kindle top 20 since January 1!



Past Deb News

Deb Emily Winslow’s new novel The Start of Everything launches this Tuesday, January 8th. Like her first novel, The Whole World, it’s set in present-day Cambridge, England, and tells of a crime and its aftermath through multiple first-person narrators.

THE START OF EVERYTHING is already getting great reviews: “Outstanding… A literary mystery, there are multiple viewpoints, the use of present tense and jumps in time. This dark thriller will bring chills and heavy atmosphere up to the shocking end.”
Romantic Times, 4.5 stars out of 5 “Winslow’s second novel is compulsively readable with a final twist; a treat especially for fans of Minette Walters and Ruth Rendell.” – Booklist


Deb Dish – What made you decide to query your agent?

Deb Amy: I met my agent through a contest! More on that this week! (When I say I never win anything, you should slap me!)

Deb Kerry: I liked her on Twitter. And then my friend got signed by her and told me how wonderful she was. And then said friend induced her to read some of my writing. And then a whole bunch of other stuff happened. Seriously, it’s a long and complicated story.

Deb Susan:  I saw a Sisters in Scribe blog post (the one linked here) about a talk Sandra Bond gave to the Parker Writers Group. I wasn’t writing mystery (yet) but I was drawn to her interest in strong writing and the fact that she was willing to spend so much time talking with a writers’ group about what she’s looking for in a client. I told myself that if I ever did write a mystery, I’d query Sandra. For the rest of the story, you’ll have to tune in Thursday…

Deb Dana: My current agent actually isn’t the one I queried (long story involving a company restructuring), but the reason I queried my original agent is because she represented Caprice Crane, whose books (and Twitter feed) made me laugh out loud.

Deb Kelly: I met my agent at a party. I think it was one that Harlequin threw. They throw amazing parties, always at least one chocolate fountain. More on that one of these days, I’m sure.

Your Turn!! If you’re looking for a literary agent, what do you look for when making the decision about a query? If you’re not looking for an agent, tell us what made you apply for your current job!

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  1. I’m really excited to read THE START OF EVERYTHING by Winslow. So glad it’s out finally!
    For me, reading interviews or tweets by literary agents tend to be important, so I can get a sense of what they are like. I also look at them based on the authors they represent. If they have one that I really love/admire, that’s always a nice bonus!

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