Newsflash: June 30, 2013

Congratulations to Alicia, winner of last week’s contest!

From the 2013 Debs…

Deb Kerry really wants to know Deb Dana’s secret book news and is excited about Deb Susan and Deb Kelly’s books launching soon!

Deb Dana got more exciting news about her future books but still can’t share any of it publicly yet…which she finds very annoying!

Deb Susan learned that her agent, Sandra Bond, received a copy of THE REAL BOOK on Friday, and spent the weekend staring out the window for the UPS man because that means her own author copies are IN THE MAIL. Also, her first guest post at The Criminal Element went live on Friday – so click over and join Deb Susan for more about kunoichi – the female ninja spies of medieval Japan.


Past Deb News

 Deb Eileen Cook’s DO OR DI is free this weekend on Amazon (and sitting in the #1 position on the Amazon kindle bestseller list) – if you haven’t read it already, it’s a great opportunity to try out Deb Eileen’s work.

Congratulations to Deb Sarah Jio on the lovely cover for the Hungarian edition of THE BUNGALOW.


Deb Dish – Are you a “DIY” type, or are your home improvement skills in need of a touch up?

Deb Dana: Eh. Depends on the task. I can do certain things (painting, putting together furniture, hanging things, etc), but for many (e.g. removing moldy garage drywall), I’m a “call the handyman” kind of gal.

Deb Kerry: I *can* do things, but you can be pretty sure I’m making myself busy with other things so that I don’t *have* to. Although – assembling furniture is fun. And I like using the electric screw driver and pounding nails. In fact, I really like pounding nails. A lot.

Deb Susan: I love fixing things around the house, but only if it’s not 100 degrees outside. In the spring and autumn, I’m all over home improvement. In summertime? I’ll probably just pretend I just didn’t notice the gate fell down.


Your Turn!! Where do you fall on the DIY spectrum?