Newsflash: June 9, 2013

Congratulations to Julie, winner of Beth Hoffman’s LOOKING FOR ME!

From the 2013 Debs…

Deb Kerry basically put all things writing on hold this week to focus on her youngest son’s high school graduation. The deed is done!

Deb Kelly was touched by this lovely review by Brodart.

Deb Susan was thrilled to receive a nice review from Booklist, and is looking forward to speaking at the Historical Novel Society conference two weeks from now!

Deb Dana visited with a lovely local book club, who supplied Philly-style soft pretzels, wine, and — gasp! — carrot cake cupcakes! Hannah Sugarman would approve.


Past Deb News

Deb Erika Marks received a great review of THE GUEST HOUSE at ChickLit+ … Congratulations, Erika!

Congratulations to Deb Sarah Jio, whose new release THE LAST CAMELLIA is on front tables at Barnes & Noble during the month of June!



Deb Friends

Deb Friend Erika Robuck has a signing at 3pm today at The Concord Bookshop, Concord MA. If you’re in the area, definitely stop by and say hello (and pick up a copy of Erika’s newest release, CALL ME ZELDA)!


Deb Dish – What is the Weirdest Place You’ve Been Caught Reading?


Deb Kelly: On the steps of every place ever. Steps are for reading. If they don’t want you to read on them, they should put in a ramp. Of course, I never remember to sit off to the side until after I’ve been stampeded.

Deb Kerry: Hmmm. In math class, with the book inside my math book? In band, with the book propped on the music stand? In the car at stoplights? 

Deb Susan: On the move. Literally. I used to walk for exercise and trained myself to read while I walked. I’d go 2-3 miles a day, in my neighborhood, with my nose in a book. I’m sure got some weird looks, but most of the time I didn’t see them!

Deb Dana: I’m pretty conventional when it comes to reading, I’m afraid. No wacky stories here. I tend to read in bed, on the couch, at the beach, by the pool — the usual. In college, I sometimes read in the library in these little isolated single-person study rooms affectionately nicknamed “weenie bins,” but you were meant to read in there, so that isn’t all that weird. That said, a lot of people did…ahem…*other* things in weenie bins, so perhaps the fact that I was actually reading is novel indeed.

Your Turn!! What unusual places do you find to enjoy your favorite books?

6 Replies to “Newsflash: June 9, 2013”

    1. I think audio books may have lessened the compelling drive that used to make me read some of the places I did. Or not. I prefer to read it myself – I can skim or slow, depending on where I am in the story. 🙂

    2. I read “around the house” too – and on the treadmill and stationary bike, but I’ve gotten out of practice with the neighborhood walking. I’d probably run into a post or a tree if I tried it now. I’ve thought of getting audiobooks for walking after my son goes to college this fall – it’s probably less hazardous than the printed kind, for sure!

  1. What a great line-up of news–congratulations, all! And thanks for adding mine–you are so kind!

    I smiled to see my novel and Deb Amy’s THE GLASS WIVES as neighbors on the new release table here in Charlotte just yesterday–made me want to ask if I could pull out a sharpie and add a word to make the sign say “New DEB Releases”–think they would’ve gone for it? 😉

    1. You could have made your own sign! That would be so awesome. 🙂 I love seeing everybody’s books in the store – it always makes me happy.

    2. That’s so cool that you saw your book and Amy’s together! I’m with Kerry – next time, take an index card and ninja that sign right up.

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