Newsflash March 14

The Opposite of Me by Deb Sarah gets 3.5 out of 4 stars from People magazine! From the review: “Pekkanen’s wry voice and engaging characters – the sisters’ bumbling parents are especially lovable – keep things fresh.”

Deb Sarah is also thrilled to have received reviews from the LA Examiner, five out of five stars from the on-line magazine Sheknows and The New York Journal of Books, which wrote,”Pekkanen has hit the nail on the head… an absolute must-read that will make every woman think and every sister make a phone call.”  The Opposite of Me is also featured on popular blogs including sheistoofondofbooks, heylady, devourerofbooks, skrishnasbooks, bookingmama, bookwormz2010, chiclklitplus, newbogie, FreeBookFridays and writeitsideways.

Graduate Deb Meredith is pleased to announce that her next book, Dead in the Water, will be translated into Dutch.

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  1. Wow, Sarah! You are now my career idol. With my publication date in sight, I am beginning to see how publicity and finding an audience for a book can become a full-time job. But you’ve done it marvelously, while raising a family and finishing a second book!

    I haven’t gotten a chance to read The Opposite of Me yet, but it’s next in my queue of books–I can’t wait! Congratulations on an amazing launch!!

  2. I got my book in the mail and read flipped the pages and smelled it. My daughter said what are you doing? I told I love the smell of a new book. Then my wife took the book from me and told me I can read it when she’s done!

  3. Greg, as usual you’re cracking me up! Thanks so much, everyone – Eve, it is amazing how much effort goes into publicity. I’m still learning about it all and wish there was some central forum where we could all compare notes and ideas and help one another with that aspect of book publishing.
    Congrats Meredith!

  4. Yah! So glad that New York Journal of Books put up the review in time, I was little worried…sometimes they send me things to finalize last minute and approve but yours went up with no problem! So excited for you Sarah!

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    “Remember just like stilettos, reading is always in style.”

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