Newsflash: March 31, 2013

From the 2013 Debs…

Deb Kerry is mired in revisions of Book Two. (The secret is that she actually rather enjoys this process)

Deb Dana will be doing a joint event with former Deb Sarah Pekkanen on April 25 at One More Page in Falls Church, VA! Hooray for Debs, past and present!

Deb Kelly is thrilled about her lovely Library Journal preview, and pleased to see they think THE GOOD LUCK GIRLS OF SHIPWRECK LANE is great for book clubs! I love book clubs. Well, I love wine.

Deb Susan just learned that she has a signing and reading for CLAWS OF THE CAT at the Barnes & Noble on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica on July 25!

Deb Amy is excited that her publisher (St. Martin’s Press) sold large print rights to THE GLASS WIVES.


Past Deb News

 Deb Tiffany Baker’s THE GILLY SALT SISTERS is now available in paperback. Congratulations Tiffany!

Deb Jenny Gardiner’s ANYWHERE BUT HERE is part of an Easter Basket Special this weekend: more details here, for those seeking a chick-lit Easter treat.


Deb Dish – Are you an April-Fools prankster, or are you more likely to find yourself being pranked?

Deb Amy: Neither. I don’t like practical jokes. At all. 🙁

Deb Dana: I’m definitely more likely to be pranked. My friend once convinced me there was such a thing as Skittlebrau — a beer flavored with Skittles. I mean, seriously?

Deb Kelly: I don’t love April Fool’s Day–specifically I hate the news media’s insistence on making up wacky stories that sound awesome and getting me all excited about a robot who can solve crime or a new federal program that buys goats for suburban families with large lawns. And then boom, you remember what day it is, and poof, there goes the robot and the goats. It’s such a downer. Instead they should make up terrible stories so you can be relieved when the real news turns out less bad. Do you hear me, NPR?

Deb Kerry: When I was a kid we were totally into the practical jokes. Sugar in the salt shaker, salt in the sugar bowl, cups of water balanced on door frames, pillows that would fall on your head if you flipped a light switch. Well – those two latter were beyond my skill, but my brother and my cousin were up to the task. Now I’m so boring I often forget that it’s April Fools Day at all.

Deb Susan: Although I’m fairly gullible, I’m more often the prankster. Probably my best one was labeling the fax machine in the office so people thought it was a new, “voice operated fax” (“The machine may take a couple of tries to calibrate to your voice. If it fails to send on the first attempt, please repeat the number and say “SEND” louder and more slowly.”) The trick wasn’t original with me, but apparently no one in the office I worked in at the time was familiar with the prank. I had people screaming at that fax machine all day.


Your Turn!! Tell us about the best joke you’ve ever pulled!

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  1. Susan – the Fax Machine thing is hilarious!! Reminds me of some of the great jokes pulled on Dwight on The Office. 🙂

    1. It was an awesome day. I cracked up every time I heard someone yelling at the machine. The best part, though, was that nobody who got caught by it spoiled the joke for those who came later. I’m guessing everyone wanted to see someone else get caught by it too.

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