Newsflash: May 26, 2013

From the 2013 Debs…

Deb Kerry just completed the first draft of a new novella. She’s not quite ready to talk about it yet but is really excited and having tons of fun writing this story.

Deb Dana has various bits of exciting book news to share but can’t share any of it yet, which is driving her crazy!

Deb Susan‘s son graduated from high school on Saturday, and she is a very proud Mom!

Deb Amy has her first event as a published author at The Book Store in Glen Ellyn, Illinois on May 30th and her daughter graduates from high school on June 2nd. Then Deb Amy takes a nap.


Past Deb News

Deb Eileen Cook  has a great interview at HOW TO WRITE FAST.

Deb Sarah Jio is appearing at Penguin’s BEA Bird Bash party on May 30 – have a great time, Sarah!



Deb Dish – How do you motivate yourself to write through life’s distractions?

Deb Amy: When I’m distracted, I’ll be honest, I usually give into it. I get bored pretty quickly and get back to writing. My biggest distraction is the internet (eh hem). I’m always afraid I’m going to miss something important on Twitter.

Deb Dana: Oh, boy. That’s a tough one. For me, the best bet is usually a change in scenery. Whether that’s finding a different place to write (coffee shop, bookstore cafe, etc) or just taking a walk to clear my head, a change of venue helps me refocus.

Deb Kerry: I am highly distractible, I confess. The best thing for me is to latch onto another writer who is trying to get work done and start a buddy system. The last two weeks I’ve been dragging myself out of bed at 4:30 am so I can be ready to write with my partner at 5. I would NEVER get out of bed that early on my own, but if I know somebody is waiting for me, I can’t just leave them stranded. And if we’re sprinting – well, I can’t just let somebody beat me on word counts…

Deb Susan: I’ve struggled against my native distractability for so many years that I’ve finally just – LOOK! SQUIRREL!


Your Turn!! Tell us how you avoid distraction and motivate yourself to get things done!