Newsflash: November 25, 2012

From the 2013 Debs…

Deb Kerry really has no news of interest. Other than discovering that apple pie can be made without peeling the apples first. This is BIG news for busy writers everywhere!

Deb Dana spent a lovely Thanksgiving with her extended family — and ate way too much pie!

Deb Susan also enjoyed a relaxing and happy Thanksgiving with family and friends – and hopes everyone else enjoyed the holiday too!

Deb Amy is late to the ball today, but better late than never, right? She’s thrilled to bits with her new website, which you can visit here.


Past Deb News

Deb Joanne Levy‘s blog is still hosting Round 2 of the KidLitCares auction to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief. Some auctions have closed but many are still accepting bids – click here for the full list.  It’s not too late to participate!


Deb Dish – What was your favorite part of Thanksgiving this year?

Deb Dana: Pitching in with all of my family members as we helped my mom get everything on the table. My mom ladled the soup into bowls, my aunt shuttled the bowls to the various tables, I cleaned up the bowl rims with a paper towel, my cousin garnished each bowl with the bacon and chives, and my brother lit all of the candles on the tables to make sure everything was ready to go before we sat down for the first course. When you’re serving 34 people, it takes a village!

Deb Kerry: An unexpected late night trip to retrieve eldest son from the bus depot in Spokane because the connector bus – although they sold us a ticket – wasn’t running. I had an awesome talk with both my boys while we were driving. 

Deb Susan: Since my mother had all of her children and grandchildren at her house for Thanksgiving, she decided to set up her Christmas tree Thanksgiving night. After a fantastic meal, three generations of people put five generations’ worth of ornaments onto the tree while sharing memories and desserts.

Deb Amy: My favorite part of Thanksgiving was having everyone under one roof for a few days. Even though it sort of throws me off kilter (I’m used to lots of alone time) I hope it happens again this spring for my daughter’s high school graduation.

Your Turn!! We’d love to hear something that happened at your Thanksgiving! What will you remember most about this year?

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