Not Sure I Could Handle The All I Can Handle Movie

This week we’re talking about our books becoming movies. As the non-fic author at Deb Ball, I have a slightly different take on the possibility. On one hand, sure, I’d love for my agent to sell the movie rights. On the other hand, NO! Do I really want to see my own life on the small screen? (My rights would likely sell to TV, not Hollywood.)  Part of me says, “Yes, the message of hope and help is important.” Another part says, “Good Lord, could I stand it?” And then we get to the big question.

Who plays Kim? Mark?  Mia (16), Gianna (14) or Bella (10)?  Hmmmm……  Here we are, tell me who you think should play us. Bonus points if you can name the actor I chose for Mark, or his most famous role. Mark used to hear all the time, “You look like ‘X”.”  I think the Linda Blair casting is perfect, for many reasons. And the kids? That was tough! But here are my choices.

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  1. I’m in on the casting, especially if the LazyTown girl wears the pink wig onscreen.

    Yeah, it would be truly surreal to see the actual events of your life re-enacted on screen. I keep thinking of the last scenes of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, with James Brolin as Pee Wee and Morgan Fairchild as Dottie. Pee Wee didn’t have to see the movie, Dottie… he lived it.

  2. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is one of my all time favorite movies – “I know you are but what am I?” I love the LazyTown girl for Bella. Wig and all! It matches my book cover after all. So, you off to sleep now, Elise while the East Coast contingent gets ready for school/work? Night night!

    1. Yup – that’s Michael Knight – I didn’t know his name either. Mark heard that a lot when he was younger. I think Alec Baldwin could play him now. Of course, he’d need many many private lessons from me regarding Mark’s, er, traits. 😉

  3. As I mentioned before, probably a bunch of unknown young actresses (because mostkid actresses are unknown) to play the girls at different ages, and as you and your husband? Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson! Yeah, I am partial to them because they kind of helped me out in a way but something tells me they might be good in those parts. Another choice- I remember you mentioned Jenny McCarthy for you- I’ve never seen her do drama but I wouldn’t be surprised if she could do it.
    P.S. One of my facebook friends actually has three daughters in the buisness who are around your daughter’s ages, AND a son with autism, so they’d really know what it’s like! I imagine they will probably have outgrown the parts by the time the movie went into production though.

  4. I think I’d want Kimberly Williams-Paisley to play me (she was the bride in the Father Of The Bride remake) if I was a character in a movie.

  5. I pretty much suck at casting, but I like the idea of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson for you and Mark. The girls…well, they’d have to be beautiful, that’s for sure. 🙂

  6. Your girls are all so gorgeous – they totally *need* professional actresses to play them because the rest of us normal folks aren’t pretty enough!

    Why the LazyTown girl?

  7. Love the Linda Blair outfit. Would you have to walk around in a tight tank top and push-up bra for authenticity though? And I agree – your girls are so beautiful. How about Emmy Rossum (spelling?) to play Mia? She’s a bit older, but she has that flowing hair.

  8. Too funny! It’s weird enough for me to consider who might play my imaginary characters if my books were ever made into movies, but to imagine someone playing your REAL family must be truly bizarre!


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