Oh The Thinks You Can Think (or Do!) by Deb Jenny

I think we’re writing about our hidden talents today. My talent is definitely hidden, because it’s done behind closed lips.

Now, don’t be jealous. Because you, too, can try along at home. My talent? I can tie a maraschino cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

Aren’t you impressed? Well, I once was as well, when someone revealed to me that this was their skill. Never did I think I could achieve such a lofty goal. But then I decided to give it a try, and it was remarkably simply. So my advice to you if you’re reading this and feeling a little of the green-eyed monster lurking, just knowing that you can’t yet do it and I can, is just go for it.

Now I’d recommend buying a fresh jar of cherries—the one festering in the back of your fridge from the last time you made ice cream sundaes in 1998 is probably not ideal. I do realize that the concept of freshness and maraschino cherries seems a bit oxymoronic. I mean, do those things ever go bad? Aren’t they preserved in formaldehyde or something? But just to be on the safe side…

Once you have a cherry (and for starters, I’d recommend a longer stem), you just start working your magic. It’ll take a few passes, but unless you’ve got a diving board for a tongue, I think you’ll be able to do it. I was at a wedding when someone taught me, and everyone at our table mastered it by the end of the evening. Of course it’s important to tie the end around the stem, and not try to move the whole cherry around it. But you knew that. Didn’t you?

I used to have a lot more hidden talents. I was a competitive ice skater and did all sorts of tricky maneuvers on ice that you’d never catch me doing now. I was a human gumby as a child also, and could put my feet behind my head, could balance on my hands in a tripod position. I could do ten round-off back flips in a row without getting dizzy. Now I’m lucky to hold a yoga pose for 10 breaths. But every now and then I think I might attempt something a little more ambitious. Because you just never know…

Oh the thinks you can think up if only you try! Now what hidden talent do you have?


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19 Replies to “Oh The Thinks You Can Think (or Do!) by Deb Jenny”

  1. Gosh, it’s like we’re sitting around in the library at about hour 7 in “The Breakfast Club”. My hidden talent? The one I’m willing to talk about? 😉 I am a trivia hoarder. I have a head for useless facts; you know, Jeopardy-worthy items. It has not gotten me anywhere in life, although there is some satisfaction in knowing a lot about nothing. Or is it a little about everything?

  2. Ha! Oh, man, we aren’t Shiksa Twins for nothing, girl–I, too, have a brain full of useless trivia. It’s been my long standing joke that I have nothing of very applicable use in there but I’d wipe up on Jeopardy. While tying a cherry stem with my tongue. Though actually I’d mess up with the asking it in a question form so I’d be the one in third place, all the while stewing in rage because i KNEW the answers, I just blew it in how I answered them!

  3. Danielle is our wild girl, I think…I’m impressed ladies. I can only think of one hidden talent…I can pick things up with my toes. It’s hereditary, sadly, my mother and son both have talented toes as well.



  4. Oh, Lisa, I have that one down pat. I thought that was the mandate of every mother in the world? You’re schlepping a kid in one arm, a pile of things you’re carrying a pile of things up the stairs, and then you drop something, of course you pick it up with your toes! LOL

  5. Wow Jenny, I am amazed at your talent. My tongue is too big for my mouth, which is the family joke. it has ridges on the side from my teeth- weird huh? Well I have no hidden talents but I was born with six fingers. And so was one of my sons- his just on one hand. Freaky me. I was born in New Mexico in 1956 so undoubtedly my extra digits were from the radiation fallout LOL.

    OR I’m a little bit alien.


  6. I can make up a poem in less than five minutes with a list of 10 things anyone gives me. I’m not saying it’s winning any literary prizes, but I can do it. Example:

    I just finished up a new post
    For a book by you – this blog’s host
    It’ll be up tomorrow
    And you won’t find sorrow
    When other moms soon find you the toast (of the town…)

    I hope that you make lots of money
    So your life can be sexy and sunny
    And like your new book
    May your life always have hooks
    That keep it exciting and yummy

    I’m brilliant, I know. You’ll find a review at BabyCenter tomorrow. Bye!

  7. If Danielle is beige, then beige is the new chartreuse. Or something like that.
    Suz–that extra finger–I KNOW it’s not used for hitchhiking! Maybe makes for easier snapping. “Get with it Ward! I told you to clean the kitchen!” 😉 . I think frankly an extra arm could come in useful for every mom, don’t you?
    And saving the best talent for last, Mama P–most impressive! You’re a poet! Do your kids know it? Thanks for the WONDERFUL review!

  8. I’ve never tried it, but my ex husband could do it, and I would have been impressed, if I didn’t already know what else he could with his tongue!

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