Posed for Success, By Deb Eve

posedformurderCan I tell you how excited I am to read a murder mystery set in my hometown? (Yeah, alright, Brooklyn IS in the house!) And not one that just shrugs and assumes that murders happen all the time in Brooklyn, so who cares? But a mystery in which even single women do feel safe in Brooklyn, so when women start getting killed, it is a big deal. And can I tell you how excited I am by our plucky amateur sleuth, Lydia McKenzie? How thrilled I am that she’s clever and creative and stylish to boot! And that she’s independent enough to be far more concerned with saving her friends, solving the murders and salvaging her own career than she is with finding a man. How refreshing is that!

And can I tell you how entertained I was by the colorful cast of characters that populates POSED FOR MURDER? Funky, creative types – like southern belle turned city gal, Georgia Rae, dark and unreadable Detective Romero, the quirky, yet lovable D’Angelo family, and all the requisite marginal types of an emerging NYC art scene.

Can I tell you how happy I am for Meredith and the debut of POSED FOR MURDER? It was already chosen as the winner of St. Martin’s/Malice Domestic Best Traditional First Mystery Award. Mystery fans are going to love it. And hopefully, Meredith is busy at work crafting Lydia McKenzie’s next adventure.

And don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win your very own signed copy of POSED FOR MURDER.

~Deb Eve

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  1. I’m excited about Meredith’s character as well because I believe she told me she’s from Ohio – me, too! Ohio doesn’t get much love. Although I don’t give it much love this time of year, either! 😉

  2. Thanks for coming by Jen! I was glad to give Ohio a little love–I have lots of relatives in Cincinnati and Dayton.

    And thanks for the great review, Eve. I checked the murder stats for my neighborhood the other day–only 6 last year in my precinct. And I think most of them were in my book!

  3. Oh, the cannoli! I agree, Kris, the secondary characters are great. Meredith obviously had much fun with them. And that, my friends, is one of the secrets of writers, I think. All the fun we have with the supporting cast.

  4. At my event at B&N last night, I read the scene where Mama D’Angelo tries to get Lydia to spy on her brother Frankie–I love the D’Angelos and I had a blast writing their scenes. When you’re having fun with your supporting cast, the pages do fly by faster.

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