Remember? by Deb Eileen

Remember the first time a book had the power to take you away? Maybe things at home weren’t that great and at least for a few hours you got to pretend you were someone else, somewhere far away. Or maybe it was a dull summer and there wasn’t a thing to do, so you started reading, telling your parents “I might as well read about someone who has a life since I don’t.” Maybe there was a time you were sick and a good book took your mind off how you felt, or helped you forget a lousy day at the office, or let you ignore a long boring flight.

Books have a magical power that way. Sometimes there is nothing worse than not having something good to read.

No matter what your politics are (and those of you that know me know what a pinko liberal I am), or where you call home, today is a great day to remember the men and women who serve in our armed forces. Their sacrifices let us spend our time worrying about silly things like if we remembered to pick up milk or how we’ll deal with the mountain of paper on our desks. I have a huge respect for those who stand to be counted when duty calls.

Now there is a way to bring the magic of books to our serving military. Please check out This Group Here is a bit about them:
Books for Soldiers is a site where active serving military can list books they would like to read and the site matches them up with volunteers who mail out the books. If you don’t want to be directly involved they can always use donations to cover their costs for shipping etc. If there was ever a group of people who deserved a chance to lose themselves in a good story this would be it.

Happy Memorial Day
Deb Eileen

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  1. One veteran would like to say thanks for thinking of those who serve. I know they appreciate it.

  2. Eileen, as soon as I am ambulatory again, I will hopefully find some books to send out among the many I have here. God I love books.

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