Resolution Revolution by Deb Eileen

With the publication of my book growing ever closer I am engaging in the time honored tradition of many authors who have come before me- I am freaking out. If you can’t find me, I’m huddled under my desk clutching my galley copy of Unpredictable and using my fingernails as an important new food group.

I feel it would be, shall we say-unwise, for me to engage in any heavy resolutions that might task my all ready over-loaded system. Thus, there will be no resolutions to lose a certain amount of pounds, hit the gym on a daily basis or run a marathon. I will not be vowing to read so many of the classics this year, or to learn to tango, or speak French, or master the sewing machine to make my own curtains. While these are noble resolutions (and more power to you- if you’re doing it) I am feeling the need to keep the resolutions a bit more manageable this year. I thought about resolving to not compulsively check my Amazon status in the months to come and then I thought- who am I kidding? My focus needs to be on small, attainable resolutions.

For 2008 I resolve:

  • to check pockets before doing laundry to avoid atom sized pieces of Kleenex becoming surgically attached to the clothing in the washer
  • to learn how to set the clock in my car so that I don’t have to spend half the year with the time being one hour off
  • remember to change the razor in my gym bag so that when I shower at the gym it doesn’t feel like I am rubbing a plastic cup lid over my legs
  • to throw milk out past it’s sell by date, without feeling the need to sniff it first
  • to recognize that control top pantyhose, one size smaller than I wear, is not fooling anyone

I could come up with more, but again this year it is all about keeping it simple. What is one simple thing you could do that would make a difference for your life this year?

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11 Replies to “Resolution Revolution by Deb Eileen”

  1. LOL

    I’ve been trying to train my hubby for the past 10 years to take kleenex out of his pockets before putting them in the hamper. So far I’ve been unsuccessful.

    The only upside is that he forgets to take his money out too. We have a rule. Any money found in the washing machine I get to keep. Subsidizes my allowance.

  2. The last time I was at your house I thought it was strange when I put milk in my coffee that it curdled. NOW I KNOW!! Very much looking forward to your coming back home and having your book signing. Your Mom and I can’t wait.

  3. I don’t think I could give up obsessing. nope. See now I’m obsessing about quitting obsessing.

    Money in the washer feels like a small lottery win. It’s like I forget it was my money to start with- I’m all “Weee! free money.”

    Yes, I am troubled.

  4. To drink one cup of tea a day. I’m such a clutz that it forces me to sit quietly and do nothing else as I drink it, otherwise it ends up all over me! Come everyone, sing with me, “…”

  5. No need for resolutions, Eileen, since you deserve a bye this year in having to wait for UNPREDICTABLE. Yet how sweet and exciting will your homecoming/book signing be? Wish I could be there!!!

  6. My car clock is an hour off half the year. Keeps me on my toes.

    My one simple thing would probably be stop procrastinating, but…why do that today when I can just as easily do it tomorrow?

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