Salty and Sweet by Deb Anna

There’s simply no way I can write the word “popcorn” and not delve into my popcorn-and-Milk Duds combo obsession.

I don’t know when it started. I just know that today, as soon as someone says, “Hey, are you interested in seeing…” I’m already imagining scooping a handful of butter-drenched corn and Milk Dud into my mouth. Sometimes, when I’m not feeling remotely inspired by what’s out there, the thought is the only thing that will actually get me to agree to go to the movies.

Improvements have been made on the delicacy over the years. A huge moment — the dish’s most dramatic shift, really — was the day I went to the movies with a new-ish friend and heard her order butter in the middle and on top. I had no idea up until that point that such a thing was done and today, you’d never catch me for settling for any less.

Less than shining examples of my own character have been revealed to me through my experiences with this favorite food of mine. A friend need only start asking, “Want to sha –” before I’ve shaken my head and explained that I don’t, in fact, believe in sharing popcorn (though I may spare a Milk Dud). I’ve been known to do the same thing with General Tso’s chicken — which, it’s worth noting, is another excellent example of a salty-and-sweet combo.

And while I’ve never found any popcorn and Milk Dud combos under my seat, I only hesitate for a second before telling you that if I did, I would probably eat the entire thing, even if I didn’t know where it came from. The stuff is that good.

So give yourself just one more Christmas present and go join the rest of the people avoiding familial confrontations at the movies on Monday, where you can give this bit of heaven a try. We all need to treat ourselves right on the holidays, don’t we?

And if you’re successful at weaning yourself off of the stuff after you’ve tried it, please pass any and all tips along here. After writing this, even Night at the Musuem — hell, even Saw III — is suddenly sounding worth seeing. Like, right now.

What’s the food that makes you go weak in the knees?

6 Replies to “Salty and Sweet by Deb Anna”

  1. I dump peanut M&Ms into the popcorn (small, butter on top [in the middle?! Oh my, I just might have to try…]). Might have to try Milk Duds next time. Shall I mail you my teeth?

  2. There’s this amazing dark chocolate block with crushed up potato chips and macadamia nut pieces from Big Island Candies, called Hawaiian Crunchies. It’s so good it’s evil. It’s totally loaded with trans fats, and each bite probably shaves off a year of life, but it is the bomb! Mmmmmm ….

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