Save the Last Dance for Me by Deb Eileen

I’m like gum on your shoe- you just can’t get rid of me.

I’ll admit when my publication date was pushed back I was disappointed. If by disappointed you can picture me throwing myself to the floor and yelling out “Why God Why?” I described it like being pregnant going to see the doctor and having him tell you “whoops we figured that out wrong- turns out you won’t give birth next week, it will be more like next year.” Ha ha ha.

Here’s the secret to the publishing industry- you can’t do a darn thing about it. The publisher is doing what makes the most sense from the business perspective. The fact that I had already started a daily countdown to publication did not factor into their decision making process. I can’t complain too much- I got a nifty new cover AND I get to be the deb that carries on with the new deb class for just a bit longer. So you’ll be stuck with me a bit longer- until February when my novel (say it together with me) Unpredictable, hits the shelves.

I’ll be sharing my deb slot between now and February with The Divine Jess Riley. I met Jess online. We haven’t met in person- so as far as I know she’s strictly my imaginary friend. It seems only fair as I couldn’t imagine a better person to share my slot with. You’ll want to check out her book as well. I’ve had a sneak peak and it’s divine. More about her next week!

What is one thing you want to accomplish between now and February (other than pre-order my book of course)?

5 Replies to “Save the Last Dance for Me by Deb Eileen”

  1. FYI, Eileen, your publication postponement solved a potentially impossible decision. Since IN THE STARS and GOOD THINGS were debuting on the same February day — and both had been pre-ordered to be delivered on the same day — my MAJOR concern was which book to read first? Now UNPREDICTABLE has the spotlight and I’ll be sticking around here with you to truly celebrate!

  2. Yay, Eileen! I’m all tingly and excited. I am honored to time-share posting with you!

    When your book is released IN FEBRUARY, I will be your Wisconsin connection. You will have the cheesehead market all wrapped up.

  3. Between now and February is a long time. Though when February is here and July has gone, I know I at least will be wondering where the time went.

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