See you soon…

Writing this final post is conjuring all sorts of emotions in me. I’ve loved my year as a Debutante – loved connecting with my fellow Debs and the women who have gone before us, loved chatting with the readers and bloggers who have been kind enough to leave comments — and yet, it feels right to turn over the reins to a fresh new group of debut authors. (And, by the way, they’re a pretty fabulous group!)

A year ago, I was terrified I’d click the wrong button and crash this entire site – as well as the websites of everyone in the world named “Deb.” Now I upload pictures and link with aplomb (well, with as much aplomb as I can muster, given that I usually write at my kitchen counter, in a ratty t-shirt, while sipping cold coffee).

I’m happy to say I’ve gotten bit by the blogging bug – so starting next month, I’ll be blogging with a new group of fabulous women authors, including Beth Hoffman, Carleen Brice, Graduate Deb Jenny Gardiner, Alison Pace, and a few dozen others. You can check out our brand-spankin’-new website, Girlfriend Books, at http:/www.girlfriendbooks/  And please keep in touch by friending me on Facebook, following me on Twitter (@sarahpekkanen), or dropping me a line via my website!

In a nod to Bridget Jones, one of my favorite fictional characters, here’s my summary of the past year as a Deb:

New books written: 1 (Skipping a Beat, out on February 23!)

Pounds lost: 6 (v.g.)

Pounds gained: 6 (needs work)

Times I dreamed I’d forgotten to write my blog post: 1

Times I sat bolt upright at 5 a.m., having forgotten to write my Tuesday blog post: 1

Times I had my kid write my blog post for me: 1

Times I had to gently explain in response to emails that we were not the kind of Debutantes who wore white gloves: 5

Times I had to explain to a hot-shot TV producer who wanted to feature us in a reality show that we were not the kind of Debs who wore white gloves: 1

Times I received an email through the Deb Ball site asking if we sold trash cans: 1

Debs I’ve met in person: 2 (Alicia and Emily)

Graduate Debs who calmed me down when I was panicking about writing my second book: 1 (Thanks Kristina Riggle!)

Saturday guest authors who claimed they’d sent me their guest post but it must’ve gotten (repeatedly) lost: 1

Saturday guest authors who finally sent me the “lost” post, which started off by thanking another blog for hosting them: 1

Times I’ve read my fellow Debs’ posts and smiled, laughed or gotten teary: Countless

Many thanks to Alicia, Emily, Maria and Joelle for sharing this experience, and to all the Debs before us who have created and maintained this site! I look forward to toasting your successes in the years to come. And most of all, a heartfelt thanks to everyone who reads this blog.

xoxo – Sarah

14 Replies to “See you soon…”

  1. Sarah,
    You lifted me up when I was feeling low.

    Thanks for your support and I look forward to crossing paths with

    Your favorite San Diego surfer and a big fan of The Opposite of Me!

    Greg Gutierrez

  2. Cindy & Greg – you two always, always make me laugh. Keep writing and I can’t wait to keep reading your work.
    Joelle – it has been a fun year! Many thanks for sharing it.
    Kristina – it’s a deal! We’ll panic together from now on!
    And Eileen, many thanks for all your support and help!

  3. “Times I received an email through the Deb Ball site asking if we sold trash cans: 1” That made me laugh SO hard! We get the weirdest e-mails along those lines TheGreenists all the time. Actually, they’re usually asking if we have a good source for medical grade silicone. . .

    Congrats on graduating! And on a wonderful Deb year!

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