Shopping from A-mazon to Z-appos

Once upon a time I used to love shopping.  …Actually, let me amend that. Once upon a time I shopped with no budget-limits, zero time-restraints, no annoying husband texting me to request his dinner, and no 7 year-old offspring ransacking my purse for gum while   I unsuccessfully try to squeeze myself into size 4 jeans. Just THINKING about shopping gives me hives now.

So what is my favorite way to shop now??  ALONE would be my first option of course, but that rarely happens.  Sooo I’ve resorted to doing the next best thing:  OBSESSIVE ONLINE  SHOPPING!!!

I seriously can’t get enough, and the rush I get whenever the doorman delivers a brown shipping box to my door is absolutely addicting.  You should see my husband’s face when I breeze by him with a stack of packages. I should really get a picture and share…if I can describe it, his facial expression is a mix between shock, horror, and utter panic.   Then he gets REALLY upset because my purchases keep ending up in his closet due the limited space in our 2-bedroom apartment.

There are many addictions I have happily abandoned (like my love-affair with Ramen Noodles after I gained 30 pounds overnight) but online shopping is the last thing I have which truly brings a few rays of sunshine into my very stressful life.  I actually have to run now, I’ve been outbid on an ebay item,  gotta pay for some books in my Amazon cart, and I just spotted some very fashionable Spring flats on Zappos.  Geez,  I wonder if my neighbor has any available storage space!  Hmmmm….

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  1. My favorite thing about online shopping is when I forget I’ve ordered something and it’s a big surprise when it shows up. It’s like my own little holiday gift! (albeit, one I paid for myself).


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