Signing off … and signing on

A year ago, when my first-ever post for the Debutante Ball went live, I was on vacation with my husband’s family in Duck, North Carolina — away from my computer and totally paranoid that something would go wrong. (My words wouldn’t post, or an error-riddled version would appear instead, or …) But thankfully, my inaugural blog published without a glitch, and I was welcomed by my fellow Debs and our warm, wonderful readers who stuck around for the whole year.

Many things have changed since that first week. Most notable of those changes? Our debut novels were published: The Whole World; The Opposite of Me; Simply From Scratch; 101 Ways To Torture Your Husband; and Restoring Harmony. What a thrill.

I may be signing off here at the Debutante Ball, but — thanks to my rewarding Deb Ball experience — I’m signing on at another blog: Quest For Kindness (Q4K). On Tuesdays, Matt and I share news, answer reader questions, and feature other various this and that; and on Thursdays, Q4K offers a short, true tale of kindness. Please do visit me at Q4K in the months to come! I’m also on Facebook and Twitter, and you can sign up for my monthly email newsletter here.

Kudos to the loyal readers and friends of the Ball, and virtual hugs to my fellow 2010 Debs: Emily, Sarah, Maria, and Joelle. I’m honored to have shared this formative year with you all. Thank you so much for making it a fun, meaningful, and interactive success.

~Alicia Bessette

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  1. For the last year every Wednesday morning I’ve looked forward to my first cup of coffee and The Deb. It’s been a good year. Week after week, Alicia, you have come up with interesting, inspiring, unusual, funny, thought provoking columns. Not a dud in the bunch. And the people who have commented have made this all the more interesting and I always feel like I am among friends. I’m going to miss these Wednesday mornings.

    We, your loyal readers, have also been along for the wonderful ride of seeing you have your first novel, Simply From Scratch, get published (6 weeks on the bestseller list in Germany!) It’s a terrific book.

    So, best of luck to you, the other Debs and all those who have commented.

  2. It’s always nice to honor experiences that have helped shape our lives, that have helped take us to the next new adventure. And that time has started for you, Al! I’ve enjoyed following along and being a small part of the Ball! And Quest for Kindness is the bomb! What a year it’s been, indeed. It’s been nice witnessing you come into your own…. And I look forward to seeing what the coming year has in store for you! Thanks for enriching my days with your words!

  3. The Deb ball became a real part of my weekly routine. I can’t believe it’s winding down now 🙁 I’ll be checking Q4K frequently!! Congratulations on a fantastic year, Al!

  4. I remember when you girls started. How cool it’s been getting to know everyone. Thanks so much to all.

    Alicia and Matt, I hope our paths cross some day.

    I’m a raving fan of both of you!

    Greg Gutierrez

  5. Alicia, that’s a great photo of you. Congrats on your new blog and it’s been lots of fun hanging out with you (sounds like I’m signing your yearbook, doesn’t it?).

  6. In every season of The Debutante Ball there has been a lovely, kind, heartfelt Deb whose debut brims with characters that capture/hold tight to the reader. Founder Deb Tish Cohen embodied that spirit and this year….of course, it’s Alicia!

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