Simple, yet Satisfying…

There are few moments as exciting as your actual debut DAY, and it has finally arrived for Deb Alicia.  I couldn’t be more thrilled for Alicia, especially since this is one of our few remaining blogs before we become old lady “Graduate Debs.”   YAY ALICIA!!!!!!!!    Love your back cover picture by the way –subtle, yet sexy!!   😉 

I received “Simply from Scratch” in the mail, and immediately fell in love with the cover;  I don’t think anyone can resist it.  It is practically “scratch and sniff..”  the second I glance at this cover I actually smell baked goods, and I am overcome with a strong urge to bake cookies and gobble them up before they cool off — inevitably burning the entire roof of my mouth until I need medical intervention.

Besides the fabulously delish cover, the story is just as warm and inviting.  The reader is drawn into the lives of a quirky widow, Zell, who talks to her dog in “pirate speak,”  and is going through the motions of life while not being able to recover from the loss of her husband, and her neighbor Ingrid, a curious little girl who is growing up without a mother.  Talk about tugging at the heart-strings!

The odd, yet meaningful relationship between the two diverse characters evolves beautifully, and you can’t help but fall in love as you read along. There are moments where you are torn between laughing, or reaching for a tissue to wipe away a sentimental tear. This is a great “anytime” read, and I’m very honored to be one of the first to have read it first.  “Simply from Scratch” is a simple pleasure that should be enjoyed by all!   

Don’t let it slip away.   

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