So nice to meet you!

082_Sarah_Pekkanen_4X6Hi, I’m Deb Sarah. I have to confess, I feel a bit naked and exposed standing up here on stage in front of you for the first time, knowing you’re looking me up and down and checking me out.

Oh my God… you’re staring at my thighs, aren’t you?

Quick, a distraction! Let me tell you about myself: I’m a former newspaper reporter and current mother of three young boys – essentially, the jobs are the same in many ways. My environment is messy and cluttered, people are always yelling about something, and I’m tempted to keep a fifth of whiskey in my desk drawer, just like those good old-time reporters (note to Child Protective Services: I don’t really keep whiskey there. I’m more of a chocolate martini girl. Vodka shots if it’s been an especially trying day).

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a kid, when I penned the groundbreaking Miscellaneous Tales and Poems and confidently sent it off to publishers. I followed up with a letter on Raggedy Ann stationery, demanding to know when my opus would be gracing bookstore shelves. I never heard back – possibly because I never actually SENT that letter on Raggedy Ann stationery (surely the material was publishable, though. Surely). My young niece discovered the letter tucked between the pages of one of my old Nancy Drew books a few years ago, and I carried it in my briefcase like a talisman when I went to New York to meet with editors interested in my debut novel. For me, it’s the best reminder that dreams do come true (though Brad Pitt has yet to show up at my door in nothing but a loincloth and a toolbelt, asking if I need anything fixed. Perhaps it’s only G rated dreams that come true).

So, my novel (insert huge, goofy, still-can’t-quite-believe-it’s-true-grin here). It’s called The Opposite of Me, and it’s about fraternal twin 29-year-old sisters who couldn’t be more different — or so they think. It’ll be published on March 9, 2010 by Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, under their Washington Square Press imprint.

Let’s see, what else might you want to know about me? I’ve got a website where I do drawings for a book and chocolate every month (yeah, that got your attention, didn’t it?) I love all animals, even ones that might bite me for no good reason. I think kids are funnier than professional comics. My minivan is so dirty that a 10-year-old boy once asked me if he could use a carseat so he didn’t have to sit directly on the seat. I adore books that make me both laugh and cry, and when I find something really funny, I tend to laugh so hard that I cry, causing my husband great confusion and the desire to go do something simple and manly, possibly involving a chainsaw.

I can’t tell you how honored I am to be a part of this sisterhood, and how awed I am by all the Debs that have gone before me. They’ve set the bar very, very high. I’ll do my best not to drag it down too much!

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  1. “My minivan is so dirty that a 10-year-old boy once asked me if he could use a carseat so he didn’t have to sit directly on the seat.”

    Hee hee! What a terrific detail! (And, um, familiar from experience….)

    Funny and resonant–makes me want to read your book even more 🙂

  2. Welcome Sarah!!! I love reading about sisters and I have an elder sis who cannot be more different than mine. I look forward to knowing more about you and your book. Love the title.

  3. Welcome, welcome, Sarah! Your post made me feel like we’d be great friends (or perhaps were buddies in 7th grade and then lost touch . . . )

    I’m so looking forward to getting to know you better this year.

  4. Thanks so much, everyone! I can’t tell you how happy I am to be here. I look forward to getting to know you all better, as well. xo

  5. Sarah!

    Can’t wait to FINALLY meet (in person) and have that martini with you. Maybe you’ll sip my signature cocktail (Grey Goose–slighly dirty–extra olives) and I’ll try yours! (I’ve never had a chocolate martini!)
    PS: I don’t have a minivan yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I’m saddled in the suburban vehicle!


  6. Welcome!!! I actually have “won” Sarah’s newsletter giveaway, and it was amazing. A great book, cozy socks, tea and yummy chocolates! I can’t wait to read her book!

  7. Sarah – you crack me up! I love your humor and can’t wait to read the book! Been following you on Twitter and Facebook and love your post here. Welcome and best of luck as the book launch gets closer.

  8. Sarah,
    I can’t believe I’ve known you all this time (two weeks, right?) and you never mentioned you give away chocolate! I’m on my way over there ASAP. Congrats on your first Deb post and I’m looking forward to being a Deb with you.

    Deb Joelle

  9. Lisa, I’m going to try one of those martinis — maybe Crystal can join us 🙂 And Julie, so nice to see you here! And Jen, Judy & Violet, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

    Joelle and Emily — so happy we’re doing this together!

  10. Tuesdays at The Deb Ball have always featured warm, wise and wonderfully funny women — Tish Cohen, Jenny Gardiner and Katie Alender. This season is no exception, you’re already carrying on that tradition, Sarah!

  11. Tiffany — no, but they played tic-tac-toe on the couch. The couch was a light blue. The pen they used was black.
    And thanks Kristy (but a little disclaimer: my hair is always in a ponytail. I only blow dried it because I knew I had a photo shoot).

  12. I love the story of the letter, Sarah! I love the sound of your book and can’t wait to check it out! Welcome to the Ball–Tuesday bloggers ROCK! Not that I’m prejudiced or anything… 😉

  13. Um, somehow I feel as if it’s fitting that I’m a day late to get over here to say hi! Cause even though my kids are older, I still can’t seem to get my act together and organized as it should be. Soon I”ll stop worrying about it…
    I SO cannot wait to read your book because I know it is going to be amazingly fabulous. And I’m so thrilled that our smart Debs picked you for this year’s group–seems as if the bar is raised higher each year in this direction as well!
    You and I have a date for chocolate martinis if the Virginia Book Festival thing does come to fruition–I’ve got all the best choco martinis pegged out in town! Welcome to the Debs!

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