Sounds like a great book by Deb Joelle

As you might remember, when “mothers” were the topic, my mum stepped in and did my blog post for me. This week, I interviewed my dad for The Deb Ball. He’s got a great book idea that I think everyone would like to read. All you agents out there reading this can contact me if you want to sign him. Of course, I’m afraid it might be fiction when he wants it to be nonfiction!

Please join me in welcoming my dad, Deb Frank.

What’s the last book you read? Did you like it?

The Weed That Strings the Hangman’s Bag. It was a good fiction story about a young girl and it was fun reading.  Just good entertainment.

Do you have a Father’s Day memory of the two of us to share (preferably one that won’t embarrass me in some way)?

Before Joelle reached the age where she didn’t want to be seen with me at the mall, maybe four or five years old, and I worked nights, she and her younger brother came in on Father’s Day and jumped on the bed and were crawling all over me to  wake me up. It was time for my special breakfast and to open Father’s Day gifts. But it wasn’t Fathers Day for another week so the next Sunday we did it again.

Where does your love of old cars stem from?

Watching The Little Rascals and the east side Kids on telly. Also, seeing kids in the neighborhood working on Hot Rods in the alley behind our house. I was nine when I got to sit in the back seat of a 1929 Model A Tudor sedan. It was red. It didn’t help that my folks were totally against hot rods and the punks that drove them. I never had a car till I left home.

Can you tell us a short story about your dad?

Years ago I pulled my 1961 Ford Fairlane into his garage to change the valve cover gaskets and Papabear wanted to show me how to do it.  After twisting the head off four of the bolts, I took the car home. This is from the same man that could never wear a watch because he always overdid it and twisted the stem off.

Have you ever wanted to write a book? What would the title be?

Yes . How to Heighten My Consciousness Though Over Eating. I achieved the overeating,  but not the wisdom.

Some of my best memories of the two of us are when you used to take me to the mall on Saturdays and I would get a book with my allowance and you’d buy a car magazine with yours. Do you still spend your allowance on car magazines?

Yes. And I have so many hot rod magazines that I have to shuffle them around to get to the toilet.

What’s your favorite food? Is it still Tiger Milk Candy bars and dried pineapple?

No. I am afraid not. I eat what old fat men eat.  Hamburgers and beer.

What’s your best fatherly advice?

Do what brings joy to your life till the very end.

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