I agree with Jennifer Weiner, who proclaims on the cover of Sarah Pekkanen’s THE OPPOSITE OF ME, “Fresh and funny and satisfying.” For the couple days it took me to fly through this book, it was my constant companion. It came with me on the train, into the tub, and to bed. It’s a swift, irresistible read, the kind of book you race to finish.

Lindsey is a plucky, winning narrator, and I strongly identified with her struggle to redefine herself. After her carefully constructed professional identity comes crashing down, she’s stuck wondering, Who the hell am I, and what do I do next?

Pretty much every woman I know has asked herself those questions at one point or another — and has been forced to answer them. Lindsey’s journey is one of discovering just what, and who, really matter to her. It’s very affecting, very real.

Very real, too, is THE OPPOSITE OF ME’s exploration of sibling rivalry. As her twin sister reveals some surprising secrets, Lindsey must find the inner strength to change her own heart, and reconcile her feelings.

I loved guessing which love interest Lindsey winds up with. I loved her hilariously oblivious parents. I loved every fun, unexpected twist. Reading along as she confronts the challenges that eventually serve her was a true pleasure.

You’ll want to buy your copy of THE OPPOSITE OF ME right now. And while you’re at it, buy another copy for a friend or favorite relative.

Please join me in congratulating Deb Sarah on her sparkling debut!

~Alicia Bessette

10 Replies to “Sparkling!”

  1. Sarah has commented on Facebook and Twitter that this Friday’s issue of PEOPLE gives THE OPPOSITE OF ME 3.5 out of 4.0 stars. Alicia’s “Sparkling” description could not be more perfect!

  2. Thanks so much, Alicia… your words and opinion mean quite a lot. Glad to be sharing all of this with the Debs and our friends like Kathy, Larramie, and Tonya!

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