Step in to Rev. Eve’s Confessional, by Deb Eve

brownwaite_smallHmmm … my bad habits? I’ve got plenty of them. C’mon, who doesn’t. Procrastinating is definitely high on my list. As in, I procrastinated on this week’s blog post and now that I’m on vacation with no internet connection, it’s rather difficult to come up with something pithy and/or deep to write seeing as how I’m on the spot, the kids are hungry, I’ve borrowed my daughter’s computer and pilfered the neighbor’s wi-fi.

But fear not, faithful readers Here is your chance to confess your sins, come clean and purge your souls. Tell us – what are your bad habits? Being an ordained minister, I believe I can absolve you all. (Well, in most states, anyway!)

~Deb Eve

5 Replies to “Step in to Rev. Eve’s Confessional, by Deb Eve”

  1. Procrastination!!! Eve was coming…Monday…Tuesday…Wednesday…she did show up, while I was at work. I long ago stopped waiting.

    As she did this blog, I was patiently waiting to go out to dinner. Very patiently. I swear. I procrastinate…laundry…last wash. Run dishwasher…last glass, run dishwasher or buy more glasses…that can go for laundry too.

    Well it has been a blast being a Deb Mom.

  2. Mine is leaving stuff around the house. Every Sunday we have people over and my husband cleans while I cook. At the end of his crazy-boy-clean-up, my office is TRASHED because he’s collected a week’s worth of stuff that I’ve left around the house and tossed it into my office. Also, we often do laundry that day, so I end up with a huge pile of clean clothes on top of everything else. I want to be mad at him for trashing my office, but yannow…if I didn’t leave my stuff all over the house, I wouldn’t have this problem!

  3. My vices would have to be being a control freak and having to have everything in it’s exact place and perfect, that has slowed since the arrival of our first child I must admit….I also have to confess to the pilfering of Wi-Fi….I got through most of college and grad school on other’s internet connections…=).

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