Swine Flu, Team Torture and other favorites…

coast-head-shot1Wow….my favorite online resources?   Let’s start with www.hotwheels.com

That’s the website I visit most frequently these days in my eternal search for some valuable  personal time friggin peace and quiet.  It keeps my son busy and that’s all that matters.

 As I review my lengthy list of online “favorites,” I also stumble upon www.xanax.com. I am reminded of some unpleasant visits to a few licensed professionals shrinks…but things start to get foggy, so let’s get to the next item.

 Since I’m in the “radio biz,” I’m OBSESSED with new music, so I spend lots of time listening to illegally downloading ( me?? NEVER!) fresh samples on various sites, and reviewing breakout artists with a truly original sound  to offer.

For some reason, I find myself visiting www.cdc.gov  almost on an hourly basis, checking for swine flu updates.  You see, “Manhattanites” are especially concerned with contamination because GODFORBID you get sick, get someone else sick, and ruin their perfectly lovely Thanksgiving trip to Vermont to hit the slopes and take in large doses of vitamin water.

Oh, here’s one site I especially love!  In the quest to market my book’s website www.101WaystoTortureYourHusband.com  I stumbled upon one of the coolest websites ever: www.zazzle.com.  There, I was able to custom design some t-shirts for the book merchandising line I created called “Team Torture.” My radio pal, and good friend Julie suggested I make a t-shirt that simply says “Husbands Suck” featuring a picture of a lollipop to enhance the logo.  It will soon be available for your wardrobe enhancement.   Thanks zazzle!   

(Disclaimer: no lollipops were harmed during the t-shirt creation process.)

4 Replies to “Swine Flu, Team Torture and other favorites…”

  1. great list! I’ve always liked zazzle and you are not the only parent I know who worships hotwheels.com.

    i would, in all seriousness, suggest you avoid joking about illegal downloading. The MPAA is getting ruthless and if they see a way to sue someone and make it high profile they will. Over the summer a single mom was fined for downloading something like 25 songs. The total fine was 1.92 million dollars (~80,000 per song). Not really something you want to deal with, I’m sure!! (Of course, a British study released this week showed that while only 10% of people download music illegally, that 10% spends more money on music than the other 90%. So, the so-called thieves are actually the source of most of the income the music industry has right now. go figure!)

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