The big day by Deb Jennifer

Today my little book goes into the world. 

It’s funny, I thought I’d be a nervous wreck today (as I was in the weeks leading up to this moment) but really, the prevailing feeling is one of calm.  Peace even.  And extreme gratitude. 

A few days back, with the help of some very wise words from Deb Anna, I had a moment of insight.   I realized that all this pre-pub stress I was feeling was about me trying to control something that couldn’t be controlled.   Sure, there are things I can continue to do — connections to make, events and readings, bookstores to visit, but ultimately what happens with Promise Not to Tell from here on out is in the hands of the fates. 

And that’s not so bad.  It was the fates that helped me to write the book – lining up seemingly random coincidences (a dead crow, a spooky cabin in the woods, the discovery of a group of run down shacks built by back-to-the-landers) that helped me to shape Promise into the story it became.  So I have to trust that the forces that helped me pull my story together will now take it wherever it wants and needs to go. 

Let’s move on to the gratitude part.  I want to thank everyone here – my fellow Debutantes, and all of the wonderful friends we’ve made – for the tremendous support and encouragement you’ve given me over these last months.   So many of you have gone out of your way, both on and off the blog, to help me and my book along.  Your kindness and generosity mean the world to me.  And I’m so glad you’re all here to share this moment.  Thank you. 

Now go forth and meet the Potato Girl – don’t be afraid.  If you don’t cross her, you should be just fine…


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  1. I’m definitely not going to cross her! 😉

    Jennifer, congrats on your debut, and on the peace that has come with it. You’ve written a great, solid book that reviewers have loved and readers will too. You even already have a killer ranking at! But regardless, you should be very proud — it’s been quite a journey to get to today, so savor it!

  2. YEAH JENNIFER!! 😀 So pleased you’re on this side of the fence now. The climb is a bitch, but once you drop over the edge, isn’t it nice and serene? Congratulations and have a wonderful week!

  3. Congratulations, Jennifer! To paraphrase a quote read recently, Life teaches us the breadth of our wings. So you’ve done what Peter Pan urged — you learned to fly and now it’s time to soar! Enjoy every moment and thank you for the warning! ;o)

  4. I’m so excited for you, Jennifer! (I’m also excited for me, since my copy is en route from Amazon.) Looking forward to celebrating together in June!

  5. Hooray, Jennifer! Congratulations. Love that my “we’re just trying to control that which we can’t control” epiphany resonated. And remember you got some My Space love here.

  6. Hi Jennifer, just stopping by hoping Day 2 as a published author is every bit as sweet as Day 1! I have to get out of this house today and go buy Promise Not to Tell (and brag that I know you…heh)

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