The Deb Ball News Flash: March 4, 2012

From the 2012 Debs…

Deb Joanne – has things brewing behind the scenes as she’s beginning to plan her release (four months minus a day!) and the launch party extravaganza (seriously – you should all come). Swag is being ordered, cupcake flavors are being decided upon and special sekrit projects are being planned. Stay tuned for more info and probably a swag giveaway or two.

Deb Erika got to read an ARC of Deb Joanne’s debut SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE this week–and you can read her Goodreads review here, before we Debs get a whole week to talk with Joanne about the book! (Spoiler alert: She LOVED it!)

Deb Linda – is thrilled to see In a Fix is available for pre-order at the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites! Guess it’s really going to happen.

Past Deb News

Deb Elise gives a wonderful round-up of her participation in the Passion and Prose conference on her blog!

Deb Sarah Jio got a real treat when she saw the cover for Plume’s fall catalog–blackberries and snow! Turns out the art was an option for the cover of her upcoming release BLACKBERRY WINTER! They’re both so beautiful!

Deb Tiffany announced that her upcoming release THE GILLY SALT SISTERS is already shipping pre-orders from Amazon–or you can wait until it releases on March 14th and buy from your local indie! Congrats, Tiffany!

Deb Tawna‘s new novel BELIEVE IT OR NOT releases in two days (March 6th!!) but she (and Matt the Cat) recently had a great time with a giveaway to one lucky reader of her blog…

Friend of the Debs Emily Sandford (aka Skinny Emmie)‘s blog has been nominated for Fitness magazine’s Best Weight Loss Blog. Hie yourself on over there and show her some Deb love by voting (registration required)!

Deb Eleanor is home from a month-long book tour, catching up on sleep and celebrating The Weird Sisters‘ third week on the New York Times and Indie Bestseller lists!

Deb Dish – Do you have an adverb you find yourself over-using in your novels?

Deb JoanneOh, the evil adverbs. I’m definitely guilty of these. Probably ‘suddenly’ is my most abused one. Everyone in my books is suddenly this and suddenly that. No one eases into anything, they’re just suddenly thrown into things.

Deb Erika–Ruefully. My agent pointed out long ago my fondness for that one. If ruefully was a person, I’d be given a restraining order. That’s how much I used that word.

Deb Linda I think adverbs get a bad rap. They’re a great tool. As long as you’re not “ly-ing” all over the place just to bolster weak verbs, I say go for it. Adverbs don’t kill manuscripts–bad writing kills manuscripts! That said, I’m probably a wee bit over-fond of “quickly.” What can I say? My MC is fast.

11 Replies to “The Deb Ball News Flash: March 4, 2012”

  1. So much past Deb awesomeness, congrats everyone! And another big thank you to Erika for the lovely review! 😀

    And get ready, Linda, because it`s really happening!

  2. So much great news!!! Where to begin??

    Linda, how did we not know this about pre-order!? Will be shouting it from the rooftops, lady. And as Joanne says, get ready, baby!

    Welcome home, Deb Eleanor! It’s been a long tour, but speaking as someone who had the pleasure of meeting you on it, I for one am thrilled you did it! 😉

    1. I just stumbled across the Amazon listing very recently (okay, so I was checking at least once a day–obsessive much? *grin*), and then checked B&N. So it hasn’t been up there for long.

  3. Joanne, your launch party plans sound fabulous! I so wish I could be there. I know I’m sure looking forward to reading SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE (I still think that’s the best title ever!), especially after Erika’s wonderful review of it!

    Congrats to all the past Debs on their super post-Deb experiences! What a rockin’ group of women. 🙂

      1. We wish we could be there… (Skype, maybe??) but if Danielle could get there, we’d feel certain the Deb presence would be in good hands. And of course, Marcia will be there, yes? And since she’s an Honorary Deb, that makes 3!!

  4. I love reading past Deb news with new Deb news!! And thank you so much for including my Fitness Magazine nod – so lucky to be a friend of the Debs!

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