The Deb Ball Welcomes Dame Dana!

Dana BateThe face to your left may be familiar. It’s true, she does look a lot like Deb Dana. But today at The Ball we have Deb Dana’s across-the-pond alter ego Dame Dana, author of soon-to-be-British classic The Secret Supper Club. Yes, this is the same book as The Girls’ Guide to Love and Secret Supper Clubs but with more vowels and fewer quote marks. Which means diehard fans of this terrific author can get their hands on her debut release a full two months early for the low low price of six pounds, forty-nine pence! Order it now and it could be in your postbox by next week! This is the best news we’ve heard from that side of the ocean since the Downton Abbey christmas special was announced.

Here’s how they describe the book in jolly old England: If twenty-six-year-old Hannah Sugarman had her way, she’d be whipping up carrot cakes and running her culinary empire. Instead, she spends her hours cooking up papers on the financial crisis. It doesn’t help that no one in her life takes her passion seriously – not even her boyfriend.

When her relationship implodes, Hannah decides to jump-start her life by hosting a secret supper club out of her landlord’s flat. Her underground operation presents some problems. Running an unlicensed restaurant out of someone’s home is not, technically speaking, legal.

As the success of Hannah’s supper club grows, so do the number of secrets she is forced to keep. Can Hannah keep her pop-up restaurant underground? When mysterious guests turn up for dinner, can she handle the heat? Or will she have to step out of the kitchen? A charming romantic comedy, The Secret Supper Club is a story about finding yourself, fulfilling your dreams, and falling in love along the way.

Sounds brill! Welcome Dame Dana to the Ball as she takes the Deb Interview–UK edition!

Cover to The Secret Supper Club

Dame Dana, you’re about to become a star in another country! Who would you rather parlay your celebrity to meet: the Queen or Colin Firth?

Surely you jest. Colin Firth. Chiaro.


If you had been invited to the royal wedding (oversight, we’re sure) would you have worn a hat or a fascinator? Supporting pictures, please.

A fascinator. Bespoke, of course. Much like this one the Dutchess herself once wore.

What’s your favorite British novel or author?

I love so many British authors, I’d have trouble narrowing it down to one. But here are five favorites: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Nick Hornby, Helen Fielding, and Sophie Kinsella.

Rumour has it you’re about to become a yummy mummy! Got a name picked out? We vote Neville if it’s a boy, Hermione if it’s a girl. 

No names yet, but my (British) husband has — in moments of probable insanity, before we even conceived — suggested Aloysius for a boy or Jemima for a girl. Clearly he does not know the connotations of the latter in the US. Thankfully, it’s a boy, so we won’t have to deal with that issue. Aloysius, however, is NOT happening.

Dame Dana, how do you take your tea?

Milk, no sugar, preferably with a scone slathered in clotted cream and strawberry jam! Or, if not a scone, then a digestive biscuit (or five).


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  1. It’s a BOY?!?! A published book is amazing but a baby boy is crazy-amazing. Here’s to book sales, toy trucks, and lots of fuzzy blue blankets!! xoxo

  2. Welcome Dame Dana! And HUGE congratulations! As the mother of a once-baby boy, welcome to the crazy club!

    Also – I’m jealous of all the British readers who can already get their hands on your book. I can’t wait!!

  3. Congratulations on both the book and the baby boy! The book sounds fascinating, can’t wait to read it. I’m very jealous of all the British readers that can get a hold of it sooner… I did just get a copy of CREWEL (by Gennifer Albin) in British form. Maybe I need to another another British formatted book to my collection?

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