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So, I know, you love spending the days here with us at the Debutante Ball, but did you know we all have other sites as well?

Deb Elise’s site features pictures of her with multiple Muppets (say that five times fast), information on Elixir, the novel she co-wrote with Hilary Duff, and Populazzi, her solo debut (which I recently had the pleasure of reading and may I just say, WOW), and links to her on Facebook and Twitter.

Elise also has a blog on her site, which is, unsurprisingly, hilarious and smart, as is the woman herself.  You can read there about how she met Richard Simmons and how Justin Bieber ruined her Friday night.

Deb Kim StaglianoKim Stagliano’s website is so much retro-awesome you won’t be able to stand it (bonus that it is done in my very favorite color – pink!).

Find out about her sad and hilarious and thought-provoking book, All I Can Handle: I’m No Mother Teresa, meet her on Twitter and Facebook, and catch up on her events schedule.

Kim’s blog is over here, and I totally recommend that you check out her interviews on Good Morning, Texas and Fox 5 San Diego Morning News, if for no other reason than to marvel about how calm and eloquent she is on television!

If you doubt that Sarah Jio is Superwoman, go ahead and follow her online.  Her site has a blog (complete with pictures of her precious new baby!), links to articles she has written for a billion and one publications, the book trailer for The Violets of March, you name it – it’s there.

Sarah also blogs daily for the health and fitness blog Vitamin G, which has featured both Deb Elise’s date with Richard Simmons and my treadmill desk (and my former gym teachers are laughing hysterically at my being featured on a fitness blog), but is overall one of my favorite daily reads.

Tawna’s site is wonderfully pirate-themed, in honor of her debut novel, Making Waves, and I could spent hours clicking the pirate chests and watching them open and close.  While you’re there, you can check out her Contact page and find her on Facebook and Twitter.

But the real action happens over at Tawna’s blog. She’s funny and smart and there’s an active community of commenters who keep things hopping.  Plus, she posts every day, so you can always stop by and find something new.

Although those clickable pirate chests are really, really fun.

Eleanor BrownAnd then there’s me.  My site is here, with all the fun goodies you’d expect.  But I have to admit, looking through the sites and blogs of my fellow Debs makes me want to be a better writer, blogger, person, you name it.  How lucky am I to spend my weeks surrounded by these beautiful, talented women?

Your turn – what site should I be reading on a daily basis?

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