The Debutante Ball Welcomes Kimberly Sabatini

Kimberly Sabatini is a former Special Education Teacher who is now a stay-at-home mom and a part-time dance instructor for three and four year olds. She lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband and three boys. Kimberly writes Young Adult fiction and is represented by Michelle Wolfson of Wolfson Literary Agency. TOUCHING THE SURFACE is her debut novel. (Simon Pulse – Simon & Schuster, October 30, 2012)


Life altering mistakes are meant to alter lives…

When Elliot dies for the third time, she knows this is her last shot. There are no fourth-timers in this afterlife, so one more chance is all she has to get things right. But before she can move on to her next life, Elliot will be forced to face her past and delve into the painful memories she’d rather keep buried. Memories of people she’s hurt, people she’s betrayed…and people she’s killed.
As she pieces together the mistakes of her past, Elliot must earn the forgiveness of her best friend and reveal the truth about herself to the two boys she loves…even if it means losing them both forever.

Who is one of your favorite (fictional or non-fictional) characters?

I’ve always been in awe of Anne Frank. I read THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK for the first time when I was a tween and it moved me. It changed how I saw the world and it transformed my image of what kind of person could be a hero. I kept a diary on and off as a child because of Anne’s life, but more importantly, I became someone who wanted to have that same kind of impact on the world. Most of my life, I’ve struggled with feeling inadequate because I had no idea if I had anything amazing to bring to the table. More often than not I suspected that I didn’t, but I would remind myself that Anne simply rose to her own occasion. It helped me to understand that I should start by trying to be the best person I can be in the life I’m already leading. Over time I’ve learned that there is courage in the act of living and growing with intention. And perhaps, I should worry less about altering the world and start with changing myself–because that is what I can control. It is not up to me to decide where my ripples go and how they might affect other people. It is simply my job, to put the best that I have to offer, out into the world…

Which talent do you wish you had?

I wish I could play an instrument and speak another language. Not giving up though–those are on my bucket list.

Tell us a secret about the main character in your novel –something that’s not even in your book.

The character of Oliver was originally 4 years old when I wrote him and he liked to suck his thumb and twirl Elliot’s hair. Even though he’s been “revised” and didn’t get the chance to interact with Elliot like that, I still picture him like that when he was a little boy. And as I “grew him up,” I kept those characteristics in mind.

What is your advice for aspiring writers?

There is a lot of advice out there and most of it is very good information, but I caution all aspiring writers to keep an open mind while remembering that it’s important to find your own way of doing things. Productive writing styles are like finger prints–everyone has a different one. We can learn and improve as writers, but we also need to remember that we can waste a lot of time trying to be just like everyone else. If what you’re doing works for you, don’t be afraid to raise your freak flag and be proud. Odds are you’ll make someone else feel better about their own approach to writing.

Which animal would you like to be, and why?

I’d be a Red-Tailed Hawk. These hawk started showing up in my life when my dad got very sick and have continued to “show up” when I need them ever since he passed away. So, for that reason alone, they are special to me. Additionally, if I had one super power, it would be to fly…

Thank you so much for having me over to the ball–I’ve had the most wonderful time. <3

Thank YOU, Kimberly! If you’d like to find out more about Kimberly and TOUCHING THE SURFACE, you can find her at:  WEBSITE  FACEBOOK  TWITTER  GOOGLE +  GOODREADS


And now, Kimberly has offered up a hot-off-the-presses SIGNED copy of TOUCHING THE SURFACE for one of our lucky commenters. Just tell us what animal you’d like to be, and why.

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  1. Hi, K-pop. It’s so exciting to see one of my favorite Agency Sistahs here! I cannot wait to have my very own copy of TOUCHING THE SURFACE on my bookshelves.

    Not that I’m eligible for the contest, but I’d like to be an otter. They’re funny and fierce, and they just look like they enjoy life.

  2. Thanks for being with us today, Kim! I can’t wait to get a copy of TOUCHING THE SURFACE, either and curse whoever made us Debs ineligible for giveaways!

    When I was a kid and we played animal make believe, I was always a cat of some kind, either a black panther or a jaguar. I guess it was good practice for being a cougar. 😉

  3. Thank you, Debutantes! This is a great read for one who’s been cyber stalking info about TOUCHING THE SURFACE for a year or so, desperately waiting for release day. I’d be honored to win and review this book. Thank you for the opportunity.

    If I could be any animal, I’d be a worm. You might think this is a strange choice, and it is, but I have a good reason. Worms aerate the ground and without them, nothing would grow. I imagine worms to be great thinkers, passing dirt and minerals through tiny tendrilled, tubular bodies. I can relate on the deep thinking. And, I’d like to serve the needs of others, so a worm is a great choice for me.

  4. I can’t believe you have a copy!! I’m jealous!!

    I’d be a zebra because they’re so fierce and beautiful looking in the wild and a group is called a dazzle. I actually don’t really know much about zebras, so they could be really dopey which maybe makes them a weird choice. My favorite animal is actually the elephant. Today I just felt like a zebra.

    Anyway, I love you so much K-Pop!!! Love this interview and this book!!! Anyone would be lucky to win it!!

  5. So much wisdom in this beautiful post, and so much wisdom in your beautiful book – thank you Kimmie <3!! I would be a terrier – big dog in a little body that accepts no limits.

  6. Hi Kim!! It’s so fabulous to have you here celebrating TOUCHING THE SURFACE (which sounds AWESOME, by the way)–congratulations!!

    I was very moved by your story about the red-tailed hawks–we are raptor fanatics in our house and belong to the raptor center here in Charlotte. Thank you for sharing that very personal story.

    What animal would I be? Oh boy–this is so tough! I would either want to fly like a bird or swim like a fish, no question.

  7. This book sounds awesome and right up my alley. Sadly, as an About-to-be-Deb, I do believe I’m ineligible for the giveaway. Alas. What animal would I be? That changes from day to day. Currently, I’m thinking a pampered cat. The idea of controlling a household while getting everything I want and dozing in the sun sounds quite enticing.

  8. I always want to be a bird, any bird, just so I can fly high above all and then try and find some way to warn people of the lurking dangers. Wouldn’t that be awesome! Anyway, this sounds like yet another awesome book that I can’t wait to read!
    Thanks so much Deb’s for brining us such great info!

  9. A cat, cause as much as I don’t like them they get to be lazy all day. Also, the people take care of you, but they don’t smuther you. 😀

  10. Welcome Kimberly!
    I’d love to be a snow leopard. They are so pretty! ANd graceful! Not to mentioned rare/endagnered! I love the big cats of the wild, but snow leopards in South Asia are gorgeous. And amazing. And scary when they want to be.
    Thanks for the post and giveaway!

    Alyssa Susanna

  11. Oooow, this book sounds interesting. I’m going to have to put this on the list of books to get the next time I go to the book store. I have a feeling I’m going to like Elliot a great deal.

    1. Eileen, I’m a total Hoarders addict and I’ve yet to see anyone’s book addiction get them on the show. (Thankfully.) There’s something so tidy about books, even many many books. And you can always duct tape them into furniture. And if the books cave in and fall on you, trapping you for days on end, at least you won’t be bored.

      Or at least that is what I’m telling myself.

  12. I’d want to be a dog that my family adopted/rescued! I could not imagine any animals more loved…my oldest wants to take him to college, and my youngest is thrilled to have him all to himself!

    I’m so excited for you Kim!!

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