The Debutante Ball welcomes Lisa Schroeder (Giveaway!)

Author Lisa SchroederLisa Schroeder is a native Oregonian and has fond memories of visiting the Salem Public Library and borrowing many, many books when she was a child. She’s the author of four young adult novels including Chasing Brooklyn, a 2011 Texas Tayshas selection and 2011 RWA Rita finalist, and her most recent release, The Day Before (both with Simon Pulse). She’s also published two middle grade novels, It’s Raining Cupcakes and Sprinkles and Secrets (both with Aladdin).   Sprinkles and Secrets, released September 20th, is the companion novel to It’s Raining Cupcakes and picks up where the first one left off, though this time the story is told from Sophie’s point of view, Isabel’s best friend. Sophie has a tough choice to make: follow her dreams or crush her best friend. Like the first book, recipes are included!

Thanks for joining us today to talk to us about anticipation, Lisa – we’ve been waiting for this post all week!


I wonder if there is any career that has as much anticipation as an author. Let’s see, an obstetrician, perhaps?

I recently heard of a study that was done on vacations and anticipation, which you can read about here –

The study found that “people were happiest in the lead-up to the vacation.”

And so it is for authors, I think. The time leading up to the release of a book is an exciting time. We have the cover to look forward to. We can’t wait to get the Advanced Review Copies, when we’ll see our words in actual book form! We wonder and dream about what others are going to think after they read the story we’ve put our hearts and souls into. Most of us hope for good things. I think it’s safe to say, generally, we anticipate good things.

For an obstetrician, I’m guessing 98% of the time, the good things he/she imagines and hopes for with each expectant mother actually come true. A healthy baby is born. The parents are ecstatic.

I wonder what percentage it would be for writers? I don’t think it would be nearly so high.

Disappointment is around every turn for authors. The cover sucks. Or Kirkus hates the book. Or the big chain skips it. I could go on and on, but I won’t, since this blog is hosted by a whole bunch of debut authors filled with wonderful anticipation right now.

So, here is what I want to say (paraphrasing Sara Zarr). A book is a miraculous, wonderful thing. But it’s also just a book.

Try to remember that, in the days and months ahead, as the anticipation fades and reality sets in.cover photo - Sprinkles and Secrets

Whatever happens, be happy with what you’ve accomplished. Be thankful for what has happened thus far. You’ve published a book! When the hard days come, and most likely, they will come, remember somewhere, someone is holding your book and he/she is happy that YOU wrote it. And there are more important things in life – it is, after all, just a book.

Most of all, remember that so many things in this business are out of your control. So focus on what IS in your control. The writing. Find joy in the writing. You may not look forward to those hours of writing every day the way you look forward to announcing the deal, but I hope you realize what an amazing thing it is that we do. We create a story where once it was only a blank page. That is so cool, isn’t it?

And with that, I better get back to work, so someday I might have another book’s release to look forward to!


Thanks again for being with us today, Lisa!  For all of you who haven’t yet left to go get a cupcake from your local bakery, you can find Lisa on the web:

Web site and blog:



Lisa has sprinkled some awesomeness on us here at the Deb Ball and will be giving away a copy of her book to a lucky commenter (US only, please).  

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  1. Thanks for being here and imparting your wisdom on us, Lisa. You are so right with all of this – finding the joy in writing, remembering that what we do is amazing – yes, it`s all so very cool!

    I do hope we have a chance to meet up and maybe even share a meal together again someday – that was very memorable for me, even though I babbled a lot. 😉

  2. Words of wisdom indeed. It’s been a wild ride toward publication so far, and I know the biggest dips in the roller coaster are still ahead of me. It’s good to pause, breathe, and focus on what got me to this amusement park to begin with — writing stories.

    Thanks for the reality check. 🙂

  3. A great post, Lisa–thanks so much for visiting the Ball.

    Indeed, the release of a book brings with it so much expectation–but like Linda said, it’s far too easy to lose sight of what brought us to this place. The story, the writing, the desire to connect with readers. A love of books. That is the piece we can control at a time when it seems everything is out of control.

    One of many reasons I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Deb Ball, having that community of support!

  4. I love these words of wisdom. I was talking to a co-worker about extrinsic rewards, and this post reinforces my opinion on them. A student is going to behave because the lead-up to the reward is so exciting. However, once they have received the reward there is a let down period where the positive behaviors decrease. I live with the belief that if we teach students to value the actual positive behaviors, we won’t have to worry about the let down period. Similar to enjoying the writing process. If you enjoy yourself while writing, then the let down that a book isn’t going to be published, isn’t as bad. Great post!

  5. I enjoyed this post, but as someone who’s always wanted to write, but didn’t have the discipline it requires, a book is more than just a book. I read 100/year since I’m disabled and books are so much more to me.

  6. Yes! There are so many things in this business we have no control over. Such a scary thing for someone who spends her time having control over everything in everyone’s lives (in my novels). But sometimes it can be a real relief just to let the external stuff go and get on with the real business — the writing.

  7. Oh, I love the cover of this novel…it’s good enough to eat. Enjoyed this posting very much…Thanks for the chance to read this delicious story 🙂

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