The Demon King and I by guest author Candace Havens

We’re very pleased to welcome guest author Candace “Candy” Havens to the ball. She is a best selling and award-winning author. Her novels include “Charmed & Dangerous“, “Charmed & Ready“, “Charmed & Deadly“, “Like A Charm” and “The Demon King and I“. She is a two-time RITA, Write Touch Reader and Holt Medallion finalist. She is also the winner of the Barbara Wilson award.

Candy is also a nationally syndicated entertainment columnist for FYI Television. A veteran journalist she has interviewed just about everyone in Hollywood from George Clooney and Orlando Bloom to Nicole Kidman and Kate Beckinsale. You can hear Candy weekly on 96.3 KSCS in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.

The Demon King and I” is a project where I brought my editor into the creative process at the idea stage before I’d even written a proposal.

I told her my idea about four sisters who are Guardian Keys and protect our world from beings who would do us harm. By day these are wealthy heiresses with their own businesses, but at night they fight to save the world. My problem with Gillian’s story was finding a love interest who could stand up to her. She’s a corporate executive and art gallery owner, who can lift a Volkswagon and throw it across the street when necessary. She doesn’t take crap off of anyone and her lawyerly background means she wins most every argument she’s part of, so I needed a strong hero who wouldn’t back down.

That’s when my editor suggested pairing her with a demon. It made perfect sense. The last person Gillian would see herself with would be a nasty demon. The problem is, Arath the Demon King, isn’t so nasty. In my head he’s kind of a mix of Clive Owen and Gerard Butler. Hottie! When she meets him, she’s smitten and appalled at the same time. To make things even tougher on her, the Demon King is also loyal, fair and an excellent ruler. He’s far from the horrible creatures she’s had to deal with in the past.

I have to tell you that writing scenes with Gillian and Arath was an absolute blast. They are both so stubborn and funny in their own way. I’ll be forever grateful to my editor for the idea, and for buying it so that I could tell the story of “The Demon King and I.”

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  1. That is an awesome cover, and I love the gold dress (but only if I get the body to go with it!)

    Great premise and your novel sounds like so much fun. What a great relationship to have with your editor!

    Welcome to the Ball! Enjoy the dance.

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for letting me hangout with you guys today! About the cover… I tell everyone I look just like that when I carry my sword. 😉 Really I do.

    I had no idea it was the Day of the Dead. Now I have to go look that up. It sounds very cool. Wait, is that the day where the honor the dead with candy and stuff on the graves? That is cool.

    Feel free to ask questions. I’ll be hanging out all day. 🙂


  3. Candy, after reading all 4 of your “Charmed” books, I’ve been waiting for your next book to arrive. You’re a fantastic writer. I’m a true fan. You had me at “This day has great possibilities.”

  4. Jeannie, Thank you so much for absolutely just making my day. I printing out that “fantastic writer” quote for when I have one of my sad days. 🙂

    Jenny G, I wanted to make a comment about the being a blast to write. It really was. I grew up an only child so the relationship between the sisters and their brother was the most fun for me. Well, that and coming up with the many ways Gillian can slay a demon. Oh, and the celebrity stuff. Yep, you’re right, it was a blast. 🙂

  5. Hey, Candy! Love the cover (as you know *g*). Just stopped by to say hi again on my travels about the net today. The books looks fantastic, BTW, and I’m looking forward to it.

  6. Candy, what a fabulous cover! Some of the covers lately in paranormal romance have gotten so smarmy looking, so it’s good to see the art dept exercising their creative juices. I’m really looking forward to reading this series.

    I agree with Meredith. What a fabulous book to go with not only Dia de los Muertos, which is celebrated today and tomorrow, but also All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day in the Catholic calendar. Yes, that’s when they place candy, favorites foods/drinks/flowers on their graves. Processions as well.

    Good luck with the release!

  7. Terey, Thank you!

    Denise, I agree about the cover. When they first sent it to me I cried. I felt like they finally got what I was trying to do. 🙂 Not that I minded my covers before, these were just much more of where I wanted to be. I didn’t think they could ever do any better than The Demon King and I, but they just sent me the cover for the new one Dragons Prefer Blondes, and OMG I love it. We just revamped my website and it’s up there. Let me know what you guys think. About the website and the new cover. 🙂


  8. Great website! I like how you incorporated your new character, Gillian, onto your banner. The second cover is fabulous too. She’s vamping it up in that wee dress isn’t she? What’s her ‘day job’?

  9. Maureen, Thank you!

    Denise, thank you too. And Alex, who slays dragon, owns nightclubs all over the world. She’s a real party girl, who kicks butt.

    Linda, thank you, and yes. Editors can be lifesavers. 🙂

  10. Katie… It is fun to write. I love living in make believe worlds. Though some days it makes reality a little less than awesome. 🙂

    And Deb, it’s been my extreme pleasure hanging out today. I’m having so muc fun with everyone.

  11. This sounds like a great new series–and maybe only a demon would be a strong enough hero to challenge your heroine.
    Best of luck. The humor in your Charmed series is a delightful mix with your tough heroine.

  12. Hi Candy,
    Just dropped in from your loop to say hi. I am so looking forward to the Demon King & I. Sounds like a great read, with mega sizzle. I’m all about the sizzle 😛

  13. Hi Candy,
    Here I am, being “supportive” (why do I suddenly feel like a push-up bra?)…only a day late! I just finished reading Demon King & I, and I LOVE it. (Although nothing will ever take the place of the Charmed books in my heart.)To everyone who hasn’t gotten it yet…run, do not walk to get this book! It rocks! Of course, now I have to wait for the next one. Do you think you could write faster? Maybe you wouldn’t mind if I came to your house and just casually read over your shoulder as you type…
    BTW–do you happen to know what happened with the contest? They were supposed to post the finalists yesterday, but there’s nothing new on the site that I could find. Since you were going to judge, I thought you might know.
    Now I’m going to stop reading and get back to writing, or I will never get a fab editor of my own! (SOmeday I’d like to talk to you more about editors…)

  14. I’m so ready to read this book, especially with that visual of Owen/Butler.
    Plus I’m sooo excited for Candy. Those who don’t know her should check out her website and all the great things she “gives back” to help everyone else with their dreams. This cover is awesome and so are you, Candy!

  15. Oh, you guys, thank you! It’s been so much fun hanging out here. THanks to the Debutantes for letting chat.

    Deborah, the Twilighted contest winner won’t be announced until late next week.

    I’ve just had a blast!

    Take Care

  16. What a great story, Candy. I’ve definitely enjoyed that sort of collaboration and input from my agent, and it’s been invaluable. Fingers crossed I have such a great relationship with my editor. 🙂

    Can’t wait to read the book ….

  17. What a fabulous book to go with not only Dia de los Muertos, which is celebrated today and tomorrow, but also All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day in the Catholic calendar. Yes, that’s when they place candy, favorites foods/drinks/flowers on their graves. Processions as well.

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