The Ultimate Home Theater by Deb Mia

Now, try not to be jealous, but here it is.

I have a home theater.

I know, I know. My book hasn’t even hit the shelves yet and already I’m acting very Hollywood, home theater and all. What can I say? State-of-the-art sound system, huge flat screen, plush velvet sofas and a fully-stocked mini bar and kitchenette. Every movie you could possibly ever want, right at your fingertips.


Okay, okay! So I’m in la-la-land. Our home “theater” isn’t exactly state-of-the-art. Or plush. Or fully stocked. It’s a $99 24-inch RCA color TV that weighs a ton, connected with a 2-in-1 VCR/DVD combo player that we got from Costco. Our movie collection consists mostly of Blue’s Clue’s (“Do you see a clue?”), Barbie adventures (“I want to grow up to be a princess!”), and a dated copy of Caddyshack (“Be the ball.”). We get our movies from the library for $1. We don’t have a mini bar; we don’t even have microwave popcorn. Nachos? Fuhgetaboutit.

Our theater seats consist of a polished rattan couch with fading palm tree print cushions, a rocking chair, and the floor. What’s found beneath the seats are your usual suspects: coins, paper clips, a missing princess slipper, bits of rice cake (my daughter … busted! She’s not allowed to eat in the living room), a dust bunny or two. Why should I travel 45 minutes to the nearest theater and pay $8 to deal with someone else’s dirt? I’ve got my own here, and it’s free!

Still, I miss the occasional movie in a movie theater. Movies have always been a great way to jump start my writing, so I will continue to dream of the ultimate home theater, plush velvet sofas and all … someday. In the meantime, I’m just going to have to make do without movie theaters, home theaters, Netflix or TIVO. I don’t even have cable. But I’ve got Blue’s Clues and Barbie for inspiration … what else do I need?

What movies are stocked in your home theater?

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  1. Well, officially we have “given up” collecting DVDs, as we have given up bringing any other clutter into the home on purpose (since I fill that need nicely with just the unintentional stuff), but I’ll admit that this year I purchased “Elf” knowing that I’d never be sorry. And just maaaaybe my inability to return movies to Blockbuster stems from knowing that in a week they’ll just charge the balance and the movie will be mine, mine, mine! This worked out nicely with “Gone With the Wind” and “Pride & Prejudice”.

  2. DVDs are scarce in my home since the cable company provides Videos ON DEMAND. Granted, I can’t select all the titles found at Blockbuster, but by being patient these movies eventually will be a button click away.

    On another note, this morning I enjoyed an article from THE NEW YORK TIMES entitled, “Gowns, Hair Spray and the Texas Dip: Debutante Season,” and must share with the link:

  3. I have to admit that the lavish entertainment room has never been a big fantasy of mine. We have done the flat panel tv, but that was mostly because we have a rather small house, and we wanted room to, you know, walk around and all. Your room sounds perfect, Mia, and besides, with the views in Hawaii, who needs to stay inside watching anything?!

  4. We wound up getting a flat screen for free. Believe me, you’re not missing out. It’s clearer, but really–who cares? My husband flicks from show to show asking, “Do you see that? Can you believe the clarity?” It’s a male thing. I’d rather get so lost in a movie I’m not aware of the quality of the picture.

    And I agree with Kristy. Who needs it in Hawaii?

  5. We have an old TV my father won at a raffle years ago. These days, it’s used mostly to watch kids movies we check out of the library. The latest family favorite: “My Neighbor Totoro” — Very sweet and strange and not at all like the Disney crap that I’m already sick of (and my daughter is only two and half…help!)

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