There’s a string on my finger by Deb Joelle

string-tied-finger_~x15121164There is something I am supposed to do tonight. I just can’t remember what it is. I know there is, because I have a red string tied around my finger. I put it there for a reason. It’s on my wedding ring finger, which means “do it by Thursday.”

Why does the wedding ring finger mean Thursday? Well, I start on Monday, which is my thumb. My index finger is for Tuesday…you get the idea. Good thing I take weekends off or I’d have to tie strings on the other hand for Saturday and Sunday and then I might get confused.

The weird thing is, since August or so, I seem to always have a string tied around my Thursday finger. I can’t figure out why though. My husband suggested I try post-it notes, so for a while, I had them stuck all over with the word Thursday on them, but that didn’t help and it made my computer screen hard to read.

There is one other thing I do know…I can’t go to bed before I do this weekly thing, or I’ll be letting down at least four other people. Now…who could those people be? It seems like one lives in England. And the other three on the East Coast. How could I let down people who live so far away? Weird, hunh?

Well, it’s only six o’clock here, and I won’t go to bed for at least four or five hours. Maybe I’ll just go and read for a while. I’m way into this fantastic book called Gracie, a Love Story by George Burns.

gracieIt’s all about Gracie Allen. She was so funny. If you are too young for Gracie (and she was born around 1906, so probably most of you are), you can go to Youtube and watch hilarious scenes from the Burns & Allen Show. Like the one below.

Isn’t Gracie fantastic? That George Burns guy isn’t so bad either.

Oh, well, hopefully I’ll remember before bed. I never was very good with deadlines.

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  1. You cause me to think of Fridays as “clever Fridays” with your great twists on the well-worn weekly theme. Actually, Joelle, I’ve wondered when you do write your posts.

  2. I’m still reading GRACIE – A LOVE STORY and I just came across the best line ever.

    Why would a man spend a whole year writing a book, when he can buy one for $2.00?

    (replace man with woman and $2 with $20 and this is my new question of the day).

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