Things I Learned the Hard Way About Putting All My Eggs in One Basket by Guest Blogger Caridad Pineiro

The Debs are pleased to present the lovely and talented Caridad Pineiro, who is on tour for her smart, spicy new novel SOUTH BEACH CHICAS CATCH THEIR MAN, out this month. We’re delighted to have her as our guest.
–Deb Lisa

First of all, thanks to all the wonderful Debs for letting me visit with them and you. I truly appreciate being able to share some insights with you and celebrate the release of my new novel, SOUTH BEACH CHICAS CATCH THEIR MAN.

I had to think for awhile about some of the things that I learned the hard way when it came to the publishing world. Why? The publishing world was so different from anything I had ever expected when I set out to not just to write my first novel, but to try and have it published.

But after nearly six years and three manuscripts, I did manage to do just that — sell my first book and have it published. Two years after that, I learned the hard way why the old adage about not putting all your eggs in one basket is still a valid one.

I sold my first book to a publisher who was releasing not only the country’s first Latina line, but the first ever bilingual line since the original novels were released in both English and Spanish in one edition.

The line consisted of contemporary romances, not much different from those novels you would have found in Harlequin’s Blaze or American Romance line except for one thing – the novels featured Latino protagonists.

It was a grand and wonderful experiment. A real risk for the publisher and unfortunately, one that couldn’t quite get off the ground. The line folded after two years and I found myself wondering, “What do I do now?”

I learned the hard way that I should have been tending those eggs — my novels — and thinking about where I could place them besides with this one publisher and one line. The publisher took a big risk and as a writer, so did I.

I also realized that while I loved writing contemporary romances, I needed more to challenge me was a writer. That I needed to experiment not just with longer novels, but with different genres.

Why different genres? Again, that whole putting my eggs in one basket. The popularity of genres fluctuates regularly and while good writing keeps you at the top of your genre, those changes in the marketplace may be so drastic that despite awesome writing, the numbers for your books may not be high enough for you to make another sale in that genre.

I also discovered — the easy way this time — that working in a number of different genres helped keep my writing fresh and constantly challenged me to grow as a writer. It also helped me avoid the pitfalls of becoming dependent on certain “writing crutches” as a way of propping up sagging middles and plots that just weren’t progressing the way I had planned.

Do readers follow me from genre to genre? That’s a question I’m asked often and the answer is that they do. They love going from my dark paranormals to my action-packed romantic suspense to my humorous and edgy women’s fiction because while all have my writing voice and special style, they all have very unique elements due to the demands of the different genres.

I hope this insight has helped you and thanks again for letting me drop by to blog with you.

Caridad Pineiro

Author: Lisa Daily

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14 Replies to “Things I Learned the Hard Way About Putting All My Eggs in One Basket by Guest Blogger Caridad Pineiro”

  1. Lauren Baratz Logsted also writes (magnificently) in several genres. As a newcomer I envy her (and your) range! My egg (singular) is the size of a hummingbird’s right now. Plenty of room in the nest! Informative post. Thanks! KIM

  2. Thanks for letting me blog with you! I think that sometimes you have to try different genres to really find your voice, actually. I loved doing the contemporary romances, but when I tackled my first vampire novel, DARKNESS CALLS, I really discovered the style that fit me best as a writer. The amazing thing is that your style and voice can translate across all kinds of books. So give it a shot if you’re feeling stuck on what you’re working on now, or if you want to spread your wings and leave the nest for a little bit.

  3. Thanks so much for coming Caridad! I suspect from what I have learned so far is publishing will be one of those lessons that I need to learn again, and again, and again. Great post.

  4. Welcome Caridad, we’re very happy to have you–thanks for joining us and sharing your experiences! I could never tire of reading about authors’ ‘lessons learned’ in publishing. There’s always something to learn and grow from. Thanks again, and good luck with the book!

  5. Welcome to the Debs, Caridad. I hear ya about that egg-tending…But does that mean I have to write a vampire novel? he he he (if I did, it would really, uh, SUCK 😉 . Sorry, terrible pun, I just had to throw that in there!

  6. Diversity is a good thing, not only for writers — who can stretch their creative skills –, but for readers as well. Giving your fans a variety of genres can only prove to be successful for your career, Caridad. Congratulations on the current book!

  7. Thanks for the great post, Caridad! It’s particularly helpful for those of us just about to embark on our first publications to keep our minds open to other genres and to be flexible and diverse in our writing. Enjoy your day at the Ball and have a happy launch!

    Oh, BTW, without knowing you had any connection to us here at The Ball, my agent emailed me about your website and what a fabulous job you’ve done with it–and I agree!

  8. Thanks for being here, Caridad! I admire your ability to cross genres and can’t wait to read your books! And now I’m going to check your website!!

  9. Thanks for letting Caridad post today, Debs! And, especially, Lisa for putting the interview together. Wonderful blog and I look forward to having more guest authors appear here.

    Caridad is so right about putting all your eggs in the same basket. You just never know when one is going to fold or do you wrong, you know?

    Great post, Caridad, and it gives everyone something to think about!

  10. Thanks to everyone and I’m so glad to have had a chance to meet you all. I’m so happy that you like the website as well. We’re always trying to improve the look and content on it, so any and all comments are greatly appreciated.

  11. So true about putting your eggs in one basket. Writers today can’t afford to stick with one thing – either widen your genres – or types of writing. Writers write and we can write freelance articles, nonfiction books, novels, technical manuals – you name it!

  12. Not putting all your eggs into one basket is a good thing for all people to consider in many aspects of their lives. Everyone can take heed of that phrase. Thanks for bringing it up.

  13. also , me, is very clumsy with a basket of eggs and has to wear them LOL
    sorry my attempt at humor

    Caridad is to me my own heroine. i LOVE her books!

    I dont have to look at a title, it her name is on it, I buy it

    a KNOW good read will

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