Toronto, San Francisco, Toronto, New York, Toronto…whew! by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman

Hello lovely friends, readers and fellow debs,

I am in New York, having just turned around from my trip to San Francisco. I’m tired already but having a blast! And I hugely appreciate all the wonderful words from you all about Falling Under.

I’m short on time and writing genius, so I hope you’ll forgive me for posting some pictures! (Figured out how to work the alternate uploader doo-hicky–with much laughter from/with The Oppressor.)

First is me with my books in Toronto’s Eaton Centre:

Next is Deb Eileen, Deb Jess, Deb friend Maureen McGowan and me, on the floor of a taxi in San Francisco last week:

And Debs Jess and Lisa with two very fun party crashers we met in San Fran, one of who has Ward and Gardiner in his name!!!!

And, if I can get it uploaded, this is from tonight–Deb Gail, Deb Friend Joanne, Deb Danielle and Deb Jenny at The Algonquin!

Have I mentioned that I adore my fellow debs?

And all of you?

I do. Thanks for being with me on my launch week.

Deb Danielle

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  1. Hey Danielle –

    I’ve been following your launch from the road. Congratulations. It sounds like it’s going well and you sure are having fun! So great to see the pictures of you and the other Debs on the road. Hey, I sat out my auction at The Algonquin Hotel! It sure brought me good luck.

    Hi to all my (big) sister Debs –

    Deb-in-waiting Eve

  2. Great snaps, Danielle! I have another great one of that cab ride with only bits and pieces of each of us. I think you took it holding my camera out while sitting on the floor. Hilarious.

    Enjoy the Backspace conference and your NYC book launch. Wish I could be there. Too many conferences, too little time (and money).

  3. Thanks everyone! I’m having such a great time. Jenny and I are super-tired but after last week, but still going strong. (Lots of coffee!!)

    Jess, we miss you too…I wish we could ALL be together, but at least I’ve had the chance to meet each of you now.

    Larramie–I’m so glad you like the pictures. This is part of the journey and an important one!

    Eve–I love the Algonquin–so much history! Thanks for following along.

    Maureen–I want to see those pics! Next year you have to come to this conference.

    Manic Mommy–lol. I adore you–you are so hilarious!

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