Trash is not really my thing…except…by Deb Joelle

As you know from previous posts, I’m not that in to stuff. If it becomes even remotely trash-like, out the door it goes. And other people’s trash is never my treasure. I used to watch those shows where they’d find an old picture frame and distress it and add a mirror and glue on some flowers and everyone would oooh and ahhh and my only reaction was, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

However, I do have one downfall, and I bet it will surprise you. Trashy food. Yes, I love it. That disgusting orange, gloppy cheesy stuff they put on nachos? Yum. Those frozen pizza eggrolls with strips of something passing as pepperoni and 58% of your RDA of saturated fats. Serve it up. Rice Krispy treats? I’m your girl. Before I saw the light (the Energystar green hippie health food light), I would seriously eat this stuff. One of my favourite things to do was to get a fun, trashy book – a foodie mystery or a chick lit YA – run a bath, and settle in. But before I got into the steamy water, I would make a tray of junk food to rival a high school student’s midnight 7-11 run. Then I would soak, read, and munch until the water was cold or the food had been demolished, whichever came last.

I still love a bath and a trashy book, but alas, the junk food is gone from my repertoire (so are the headaches caused by preservatives).  Now when I take my special bathtub height table into the bathroom and set it up, the snack looks more like this: A pot of creme caramel tea, salted cashews, rice crackers with goat cheese or artichoke-sundried tomato spread, a pickle, and some organic chocolate. In a way, this post has made me nostalgic for the old trashy food ways of my youth, but on the plus side, after I take my bath, read my book, and eat my snack, I don’t feel like garbage anymore.

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  1. Joelle, please don’t take this the wrong way but…can I take a bath with you?? That food sounds FANTASTIC!!

    (Almost as good as my childhood Saturday nights spent in the bathtub with my Barbies. I actually dragged a TV propped on a chair into the bathroom, so I could watch Love Boat and Fantasy Island while I soaked!)

  2. I love a good soak in the tub, along with some essential oils and a book (often a trashy one). I’ve never considered snacking while bathing. What an intriguing combination! I’ll have to check that out.

    That photo of the woman bathing in Cheetos is kinda gross, yet, kinda awesome.

    (Mmmmm …. Cheetos.)

  3. Fun post!

    I, too, am an uber-healthy eater most of the time, but secretly I lust for the following: 1) Tater tots, 2) Ruffles potato chips with bacon onion dip, and 3) Nerds candy chewed up into a wad of disgusting gum.

    I don’t eat any of these things more than once every year (less often for the Nerds) but on those days I do? Mmmmm…bliss.

    I think I’m going to go have tater tots for breakfast now.


  4. Joelle, is there anything you don’t multi-task at? Fine, healthy dining in the bathtub = a clean body inside and out!

    Ruffles used to be my downfall but I’d probably OD on the now,

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