Trash Talkin’…

Instead of talking about actual trash (composed of milk cartons, banana peels, and smelly tuna cans—UGH) I’d like to discuss the very high-brow topic of trashy novels.  Stay with me.. you know you want to.  After all, this IS a blog for writers and readers, so I think it would be appropriate.  For some reason, the second I think about trashy novels and/or trashy novelists, the first name which pops into my head is Nora Roberts.  I’ve probably read more of her books than I care to admit (Mom, I hope you are not reading this) and it all started with a copy of  “One Summer” that I picked up for 75 cents at a yard sale. I remember being way too young to be reading such “filth” -as my mom would refer to it- but I knew I was immediately hooked like a kid on rock candy.  My other Roberts favorites include “Hot Ice,” and “Affaire Royale” (Lord knows if it’s still in print!)  Dominick Dunne’s novels are also a guilty pleasure.. particularly  “An Inconvenient Woman” which I will still pick up from time to time, especially when I’m suffering from writer’s block and I need a seductive distraction.   Let’s face it..we all need a little glamour, sex, and cheesy suspense from time   to time.

Now when I’m looking for a really trashy “jolt” I pick up some Roxanne St. Claire.  I’m always quite amused by her covers featuring men’s nude torsos (“Hunt Her Down,” “Make Her Pay”) but it does go along with the territory.  “Take Me Tonight,” (which unfortunately doesn’t feature a nude male chest on its cover) left me utterly transfixed (and needing a tissue for my drool). 

No, I am not proud of myself for reading junk when I should be learning something important about politics, finance, or the environment.  But feels so good to be naughty.  😉

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