VIOLETS is born!

Hello lovelies! I am reporting in from a very exciting debut week (and, a big thanks to all my fellow Debs for cheering me on this week). I’m spinning from all the excitement of being a published author for exactly three days now (I’m such an old pro at this author thing now, you know!). There have been so many things happening on the book front, I found myself a little crazed this week—in a go0d way (though I’m pretty sure the lack of sleep thing is going to catch up to me in a bad way before too long.) News to share:

*Violets was chosen by Redbook magazine as a May book pick, and the editors called it “engrossing”!

*I survived my first round of industry reviews–with positive write-ups in Library Journal (with a comp to The Postmistress (swoon), and Publisher’s Weekly.

*I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that Violets was chosen as a Book Buyer Pick by Costco, and featured in their Costco Connection magazine. You have to read the lovely things they said here.

*My husband’s hometown paper interviewed me for a front-page story, which, of course, made him the talk of the town! And my mom got interviewed by my hometown paper, which she thought was pretty cool. (Turns out, my dad’s old bus driver read the story and called my aunt to buzz about it! Don’t you love small towns?)

*I sold Spanish rights to Violets. (How do you say hooray in Spanish?!)

*The great country of Canada put in a big order for the book recently, so my dear friends up north can soon pick up the book at their local bookstores.

*Violets sold out at several book stores on its debut day!

*I have loved, loved, loved the thoughtful reviews that are coming out in newspapers and across the book blogs. This has been less frightening than I thought, and I’ve made many new friends across the blogs. I’m so grateful for everyone’s reading time!

Thank you so much for cheering me on! So far, I’m still standing. xo, Sarah

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