Welcome Guest Author Amy Wallen

Joining us today will be guest author Amy Wallen, whose debut novel, LA Times bestseller MoonPies and Movie Stars, was just released in paperback.

Reviews have been fabulous for her novel:

“With a pitch perfect ear for comic dialogue and fine sense of the absurd, Amy Wallen writes herself a place on the porch swing of great Southern writing, as she follows the misadventures of three determined Texas ladies sworn to find a runaway daughter…”
–Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander

“[S]pirited and honest… Wallen capably illustrates that it is not only possible but also compelling to be funny, captivating, and compassionate, all in the same book.”
-Los Angeles Times

“A delightful and exhilarating journey, kind of like being on a tour bus
guided by Eudora Welty on speed.” –Mary Gordon, author of Pearl

“Wallen launches a funny, touching, and bittersweet ride in search of family, but what her characters find is bigger than Texas and better than MoonPies.” –Booklist

DB: Tell me a little about your book.

AW: MoonPies and Movie Stars is the story of Ruby Kincaid, the owner of a six-lane bowling alley in Devine, TX. When Ruby spots her runaway daughter on a ButterMaid commercial, she sets off for Hollywood to find her and make her own up to her responsibilities.

DB: What got you writing in the genre in which you write.

AW: I just started writing a story. I didn’t know it was anything until I was done. But then I write just plain ole fiction, so I don’t think there’s a prescription for how it comes about other than putting pen to paper and turn on the right parts of the brain and turn off the stuff you shouldn’t listen to—like my Self the editor.

DB: Favorite thing about being a writer?

AW: I get to make up worlds and people and make things happen. It’s like playing Barbie for grown ups.

DB: Least favorite thing about being a writer?

AW: It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It zaps every bit of my energy. I hike on a regular basis, large high difficult mountains, and yet they are never as exhausting as a day of writing.

DB: What is the most interesting thing that’s happened to you since becoming a published author?

AW: I’ve been asked to work on a new national public radio show called DimeStories based on a reading series I host once a month where the readers can only read 3-minute stories.

DB: What’s your favorite type of pie?

AW: Pot Pie. I’m fanatical about them. And now it can no longer be the frozen kind. I make my own. All kinds. My favorite one to serve at dinner parties is Salmon and Portobello pot pies. Yum.

Thanks so much, Amy, for visiting the Debutante Ball!

Amy Wallen has studied with a number of acclaimed writers, including Janet Fitch (White Oleander). She has taken those talents cultivated in the workshops of these great writers and brought them to her own creative writing classes at UC San Diego Extension. Amy also hosts an open mic night in San Diego, Los Angeles and New York called Dime Stories Live, in collaboration with the national public radio show airing this summer. This is her first novel. Visit her on the web at AmyWallen.com.

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  1. I love the title and it sounds like perfect summer reading. Plus I adore the name Ruby. And Amy, I’m with you – writing is also the hardest thing I’ve ever done, even though I do it (almost) every day.

  2. really enjoyed reading about you and your book, Amy. Also agree about the writing. Absolutely exhausting… Off to order your book, Amy

  3. Thanks everyone, and to Jenny for inviting me. It’s thrilling to a Southern girl to be a debutante. I feel like I should go buy a new dress. Maybe that’s just an excuse to go shopping, but whatever it takes!

    if any of you are in NYC, I hope you’ll drop by the KGB Bar on July 12th to hear DimeStories Live, the live arm of the national public radio series I’m working on with James Spring http://www.jamesrspring.com. I see from the margin of this blog that Susan Henderson is listed, and she’ll be reading a hilarious story about her kids. And Ellen Meister, who is a great and funny writer, will also be reading. I’ll be hosting the event. We just had one in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, and it was a big success. You can hear the 3-minute stories on http://www.dimestories.org. They are posted on mp3s. And the NY show will also be posted.

    Keep reading and let me know how you like the book! Ruby would love to know!

  4. Just when I thought I was making a dent in my to-be read list. I’ll have to pick this up for my trip later this summer to North Carolina. It screams to be read while drinking sweet tea and baking in the sun. Thanks for coming Amy.

  5. Amy, thanks for posting about that – I adore Susan Hendersen. I’m supposed to be on a hiatus from going out to finish my, uh, very overdue novel but will try to make it and spread the word about DimeStories.

  6. Wow Amy, thank you so much for sharing with TDB- and I know what you mean, it just makes you want to dust of your tiara, doesn’t it?

    I definitely must get your book right this minute. I’m going to buy myself a porch swing and set myself down for a read with a big tall glass of iced tea. Thanks for writing! Suzanne

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