Welcome to author Susan Juby!

Welcome to YA and Adult author, Susan Juby.

Susan Juby was born in a small, BC town. She now lives in a medium sized town on Vancouver Island with her husband, her dog. Her horse lives nearby. You can sometimes see her walking around.

“I’m married and my husband James and I live in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island with our dog, Frank, and an assortment of guppies. Please note that my horse Tango is featured prominently in my author photo because he’s the best looking one in our family,” she says.

Susan is the author the young adult books Alice, I Think, Miss Smithers, Alice Macleod, Realist at Last, Another Kind of Cowboy, and the Edgar nominated Getting the Girl.

Her new book is a memoir you don’t want to miss. Author Chris Crutcher says of Nice Recovery: I’m embarrassed that I lack words to describe the raw elegance of Susan Juby’s Nice Recovery. It is smart, funny, lyrical, desperately candid and astonishingly generous; and it is courageous. It speaks to the very heart of the loneliness and despair that leads to the destruction of so many kids’ dreams. And then it gives us hope. This is not a young adult book; it is not an adult book. It is a human book with the power to literally save lives. I am honoured to blurb it.

Deb Joelle says of Nice Recovery: I just had the pleasure of reading it myself and it’s at once poignant and laugh-out-loud funny. While it might not completely shatter your heart, it will definitely crack it a little. In a hopeful sort of way. Highly recommended!

What were your favorite books when you were a teen? Catcher in the Rye and My Family and Other Animals and Black Beauty.

What’s on your iPod or CD player? Röyksopp, Deer Tick, Tonéx, Miike Snow. I like music with accents and umlauts.

What’s your favourite website? Vice Dos and Don’ts.

What do you read in the bathroom? The New Yorker. No offence to the New Yorker.

I gave you twenty questions and asked you to answer seven. Were you tempted to answer all twenty? Why? Not really. Seven is easier than twenty and I’m all about the easy. But I like to appear hardworking, so I answered a couple extra questions.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in high school? Is it okay if this answer is 80,000 words?

What are you reading now? How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer.

What author or book have you recently discovered that you want the world to know about? Vicki Grant. She’s super funny and sharp.

What’s the coolest writing-thing that’s happened to you since you sold your first book? When my first book was turned into a TV series. I felt very Gordon Gekko at the meeting with executives. All that was missing were suspenders. And the money…

Thanks for joining us at The Deb Ball, Susan! And good luck with your new book.

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  1. Hi Susan! Thanks for appearing at the Debutante Ball. Nice Recovery sounds amazing. I’ll definitely be looking for it

    Here’s the description from Susan’s website:

    “In this memoir (which she privately refers to as “Drinky Pants: A Quitter’s Story”), Susan Juby writes about the problems she had with alcohol when she was a teenager and about the painful and sometimes funny experiences of trying to be clean and sober at the time when most young adults are just starting to drink. Through a series of interviews she also looks into what recovery is like for adolescents and twenty-somethings washing up on the shores of addiction today.”

  2. Now I’m curious to know what all the other questions were 😀

    The book into TV show must have been fun! And a little strange, too. I bet it was hard letting go of controlling the story.

  3. Oh, glad to see Susan made it! Our internet’s been out all day due to storms, so I couldn’t check in and make sure! Thanks for coming to the dance Susan! Your dress is stunning.

  4. Thanks, Greg!

    Emily, the other questions were good. Really good. For instance, there was the “what are my hobbies other than writing question.” Like my most embarrassing moments question, it would have gotten completely out of hand. Quilting, gardening (badly), hula hooping, knitting, cooking… And that’s just the ones I did this week. It’s a wonder I get anything written!

    I didn’t find it too tough letting go of the books when they were turned into a series. I was so overwhelmed by the complexity and person-power involved in making TV that I was a little afraid to mess things up.

    Sarah, the truly hysterical part of the adaptation was when, during my cameo as customer #2 (I was supposed to buy my own book), I got flustered after about the 18th take and slammed head first into a large light fixture. Author down! Author down! Make up had to fix the welt and it was terribly undignified. On the plus side, I finally made it through the scene without messing anything else. I work better with a slight concussion.

    Thanks, Eileen. Is this the Eileen I think it is? Because if so, right back at you!

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