What You’ll Love About The Violets of March

What you’ll love about Deb Sarah’s The Violets of March!

The Setting – Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Even if you’ve never been to Bainbridge Island (confession – neither have I!) you’ll feel like you have after reading this book.  The ferries, the chilly coastline, the seafood restaurants, the houses…they all feel beautifully real in Sarah’s book!

The Mystery – who are Esther and Elliott?

red diaryWhen Emily finds the diary in her great-aunt’s house, she immediately cannot stop reading the tale of Esther and Elliott, and everyone around her is oddly cagey about who they are and why she is the one who was meant to find it.  I found myself reading so quickly because I wanted to discover the secrets myself!

The Food

Blackberry Slump dessert

You’ve known Sarah long enough to know that though she’s ridiculously healthy, she’s also a total foodie, and Violets of March does not disappoint. I am not a seafood fan, but I still found my mouth watering at the idea of clam chowder on the ferry, or asparagus prepared by one very charming islander (confession: I was also somewhat hungry while reading the book).  (The picture is of something called “Blackberry Slump” from the Four Swallows restaurant on Bainbridge Island. Now you really want to go, don’t you?)

The Love Stories

couple kissing under red umbrella

I grew up reading romance novels, and am a sucker for a good love story – and Sarah’s been kind enough to provide us with two!  They’re both tricky and complex and give you lots of opportunity to wrestle with what the right path for the characters is, and I’ll admit I was torn in quite a few places.  If you’re anti-sap, don’t worry – they’re human and complex and real and absolutely made the book for me.

I purposely haven’t revealed too much of the plot here, so if you haven’t already, skedaddle yourself over to Sarah’s site for more details (and her gorgeous trailer)!

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