Which is which?

Each of the following five short descriptions comes from a book by a 2010 Debutante Ball author. Which Deb wrote which description? Answers later this afternoon ….

A: Your husband will enter the room looking like a junkie who can’t wait for his next fix, and after being unable to quickly locate his object of desire, the search and rescue mission begins. Watch your husband toss the throw pillows haphazardly, hoping to turn up the remote.

B: Chief is older-gentleman sexy, in the way of many park rangers, bagpipers, and commercial airline pilots. But right now his face somehow reminds me of an old brick, his silver hair pokes out crazily, and his boots dwarf my bare feet.

C: Tiny houses dotted the landscape, and I wondered if our island looked like that from the air. I imagined our farm. The sprawling log cabin that had been added on to twice. The red barn with its solar panels. The chicken coop would be a speck in the dust. And the fields would look like one of Mom’s patchwork quilts.

D: There were photos spread all over the table: sepia grandparents and black-and-white babies, vacation shots from the fifties, and orangey snaps of seventies teens. They were in piles, some large and definite, others small and spread out, in the beginnings of a system, like Liv wasn’t sure yet exactly of their classification.

E: She stood there, all of five feet tall, looking like a rosy-cheeked, doily-knitting grandma. One who wouldn’t hesitate to get up off her rocking chair and reach for her sawed-off shotgun if somebody crossed her.

Match the description with the author. Tune in later today for answers!

~Alicia Bessette

12 Replies to “Which is which?”

  1. I know the answers but not sure if I’m allowed to play so I’ll wait for others to weigh in first.
    Kathy, I think you got 2 right!

  2. Eek, I should be able to get this as I’ve read 3 of the books already (and have a 4th in my possession), I think is it:

    Alicia (only book I don’t yet have, but I *think* it is headed my way)

    2 and 5 are unsure. I can’t remember the description of the grandma in Sarah’s fabulous book, but am thinking that I know which character she might have described like that, and I certainly don’t remember anyone named Chief in “Opposite of Me.”

  3. Thanks to everyone who guessed. Deb Ball readers are the best!

    ANSWERS ….

    A – Maria
    B – Alicia
    C – Joelle
    D – Emily
    E – Sarah

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