“The Opposite of Me” gets full SISTER approval

Anyone with a sister knows “sister relationships” can sometimes be quite complicated. Deb Sarah definitely knows the deep love, but severe competition that very often lies between sisters, and she weaves it in beautifully in her incredibly engaging book “The Opposite of Me.” 

My sister and I for example, couldn’t BE more opposite, which is why I especially found myself quite amused from the minute I picked up this juicy novel.  There are no deep dark secrets in my family (that I know of at least) but my sister and I have seen some massive highs and awful gut-wrenching lows in our years together (she’s going to be 40 –and I’m happy to say I’m YOUNGER. hahahahaaa)   I specifically remember our worst fight ever.  I swore I’d never speak to her again.  Believe it or not, we had just watched “Passion of the Christ.” 

Honestly, you would think my sister and I came from different wombs.  If it wasn’t for the fact that we look very much alike, and often get mistaken for twins (well at least before she dyed her hair pitch black) you’d never think we were even related! When we were kids, she collected Barbies, I collected scars from skateboarding.  She loves travelling to distant and strange lands, I consider a trip to Chinatown daunting.  She ended up being a doctor and enjoys spending every penny she makes on name-brands, I’d rather shop at Target and have some cash lying around for rainy days which inevitably come.  Because we’re polar opposites, my sister and I have often found ourselves drifting apart, but somehow something always brings us back together –just like the sisters in Sarah’s book.  Trust me, it’s worth the read and if you have a sister, buy one for her too!

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  1. Boys have sisters too. Mine was a cheerleading goody goody who could do no wrong. I used to love to get her in trouble, even if it meant lying. Then one summer day I had an epiphany. We were on the same side against my parents. After that, we became friends and now that we’re parents, we’re closer than ever.

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