Misty watercolor Halloween memories…by Deb Jess

Alright kids, one more Halloween post…we’re almost to the Samhain finish line, and then we can let the Thanksgiving and Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and New Year’s Eve fatigue settle in.

Since the theme this week is “Halloween memories,” I decided it would be ‘fun’ to try and remember every Halloween costume I’ve ever worn. (No! Thanks for asking, but I haven’t experienced a major head injury recently. I’m just getting OLD. As such, I am finding ‘fun’ in amazing, new places. Like home improvement stores and bingo halls.) Anyway, I managed to recall a few get-ups from Halloween days of yore: Easter bunny, Witch, Indian Princess, Cheerleader, a punk rocker, ‘Death’ (or The Ghost of Christmas Future), a vampire bride, Scooby Doo, a butterfly, a picnic table complete with fake food, a flapper, a zombie, Lolita (the hubs went at Professor Humbert), and most recently, a cootie, with cootie pigtails and everything. (My friend ‘Fee’ is spaghetti. She’d kill me if she knew I posted this picture. Shhhh…but frankly, I can’t believe I posted it, either. I look somewhat deranged. I am wearing pajamas at a social event, for crying out loud.)


I’ll pause for a second to let you recover from that massive assault of originality. But in all seriousness, one of the cleverest costumes I’ve EVER seen was the brainchild of my imaginative friend Wendy. She once fashioned a costume comprised of a black slip to which she’d pinned small black and white photos of Sigmund Freud: she was a Freudian slip! And given where we live and the bars we visited, NOBODY GOT IT. She was so irritated at having to explain her costume over and over again that, by the end of the night, she transformed into the Hulk and took those fools to school. Then she gave us a ride home and turned into a pumpkin.

Another of my favorite costumes (seen on someone else, of course) involved a giant cardboard milk carton perched on a young man’s shoulders; a hole had been cut out for his face, over which “Have you seen this child?” was scribbled.

I know I asked this question earlier this week at my own blog, but what’s the most creative costume you’ve ever worn? How about the neatest costume you’ve seen on someone else?

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  1. Ha! LOVE the freudian slip and the cootie and spaghetti–very creative. I saw a great one in the Washington Post yesterday. Some guy at the Motley Fool dressed as Senator Larry Craig, complete with cardboard box serving as bathroom stall–apparently he stayed in his stall all day, tapping his feet and doing strange hand gestures 😉

  2. Love the Freudian Slip. I may give that idea to my daughter for next year. Is that okay? Also, love the picture and you look exactly the same… haven’t aged at all!!

  3. Jenny: that Larry Craig costume is hilarious! I just heard one about a group of people carrying around fake trees, holding flashlights under their chins. They’d sit around really still under the trees, then get up and move to a new place and repeat the charade. They were The Blair Witch Project.

    Gail: Sure, go for it!!! And that’s very sweet of you to say that. 🙂 (I think this picture was from 2002 or 2003…)

  4. Hilarious photo, Jess! As for my costumes, I don’t know that I could choose a “most creative” as they were all fairly out there. Nothing clever like a Freudian slip though.

  5. How simple yet so clever was the “Feudian slip” and you’re giving credit to you’re imaginary friend for that!? Uh, Jess, has that same friend contributed any ideas to your novel? 😉

  6. Larramie: no, she’s real, I swear! LOL She’s my “imaginative” friend LOL 🙂 But funny you should ask about the idea contribution…I actually did include some amusing anecdotes from her life!

  7. I love that you hung those plastic cooties around your neck. Personally- that MADE the costume. I had a friend who wore a sweatsuit and glued Fruit Loops all over it with red spatters. He was a cereal killer. Get it- cerearl. ha ha ha ha

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