So Many Books by Deb Tish

Apparently I’m a book skank. I loved so many books in 2006 I cannot bring myself to choose a favorite. The sad thing is, I could have loved so many more, had I made the time.  So, in lieu of flogging one true love, we’re going to hold a “So Many Books” award ceremony for my most beloved nightstand darlings. These books may or may not have been published in 2006, my self-centered…


News Flash

We Have a Winnah! The Debutantes are pleased to announce that Judy from Tifton, Georgia is the winner of our second contest! Judy will receive a fabulous postcard from each Deb, which will no doubt enliven and enrich her life, as well as an exciting mystery goody bag from Deb Kristy in Florida! Congratulations, Judy! If you’re terribly jealous of Judy’s great luck, then head over to the Contest page…


Debutantes and Dromedaries by Deb Kristy

Going off-topic this week for a worthy cause. I recently had the pleasure of reading an advance reading copy of The Camel Bookmobile by Masha Hamilton. The ARC came along with some information on the real-life Kenya’s Mobile Library program, and I grew fascinated and did a little more research. After I read all I could online, I resolved to donate some books to this extraordinary program. Then, completely coincidentally,…


Things That Make You Go Hmmm … or Mmmm …. by Deb Mia

I love writing posts, but there are times when a picture says a thousand words … Really, the hair gods spared no one … and yes, I did notice that my seventh grade hair barely fits into the frame of the picture … thank you for noticing! Of course I have conveniently excluded about, oh 26 years of bad haircuts as well, but there’s a limit to the amount of…


At Mr. Perry’s

It was the seventies and Mr. Perry was a very flamboyant gentleman with huge hair and an equally large mustache.  He wore shiny, too-tight shirts with wide lapels, and brightly colored bell-bottoms. Mr. Perry would coo and cluck and tend to my grandmother, always calling her Dr. Howard, never Laura.  (She loved this.)  She sipped a glass of champagne while he cut and set her hair.  Meanwhile, his “girls” would…

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