Deb Susan Loves What THE GLASS WIVES Says About Family

When I read THE GLASS WIVES, I found myself moved by Deb Amy’s writing, drawn to her protagonist (Evie) and emotionally involved in the story and its outcome. I read the book in a single day, which is testament to Deb Amy’s writing and  character-development skills. Deb Amy’s novel took me on an emotional roller-coaster in which I alternately pulled for Evie’s happiness and shared in her frustrations. But most…

Thursday, May 16, 2013

In Which Deb Dana Kvells Over The Glass Wives

From the moment I met Evie Glass, the protagonist in Deb Amy’s engrossing debut, THE GLASS WIVES, I felt as if I knew her. She seemed so…well, so real. Evie is a Jewish woman who went to Northwestern and likes to bake cookies. I am a Jewish woman…who went to Northwestern*…and likes to bake cookies. Hmm… Okay, so there are numerous ways in which Evie’s struggles and crises are different than…

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Book Birthday to The Glass Wives

I am privileged this morning to invite you to party week here at the Deb Ball, where we are celebrating the release of The Glass Wives by one of our illustrious Debs – Amy Sue Nathan. I’m sure you’d like to see a picture of the cover, so let’s start there: Very pretty, isn’t it? Sort of peaceful and companionable. But appearances can be deceiving. Evie and Nicole Glass share…

Monday, May 13, 2013

Deb Susan Loves All the New Beginnings

I’ve always loved beginnings, and New Year’s Day in particular. New Year’s Day is the stuff of dreams, its potential limited only by imagination. This particular year holds more exciting potential than any other I can remember. It won’t be as emotional as the year I married my husband, or as life-changing as the year I knew I would first hold my son in my arms. But numerically speaking, 2013’s…

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Driving Force Behind Deb Amy’s Inspiration

For me, inspiration is not a whisper or a tap, it’s more like a slap.  For me, inspiration is not conveniently timed, because more often than not, I am driving.  And let me tell you, that is the last place you want to try to write something down or even find the right  button on any gadget to record said inspiration.  I’ve pulled over to the side of the road…

Friday, November 16, 2012