A Cry For Help by Deb Jennifer

For several years, my partner Drea and I lived way out in the woods.  I have many strange and wonderful animal stories from these days, but this is my favorite. It was summer.  Mid-afternoon.  Drea and I were in the clearing where our house stood,  building a door which was up on sawhorses.  I had a hammer in my hand.  The radio was cranked up on an oldies station.  The…

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crimes, Misdemeanors and Stories for Cute Boys by Deb Tish

I did some idiotic, not-quite legal things when I was younger–things I’m not sure I want bobbing about on the Internet forevermore. So I’m going to deflect by telling you about bank robberies I’ve been involved in. As a spectator, not as a robber. The first robbery was during the Montreal Olympics when I was ten. My grandfather was visiting from California and he took me, my 22-month-old brother Michael, and my cousin…

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Writing, Hypocrisy, and the Art of the Tag by Deb Kristy

I interrupt our usual Sunday programming (um, there usually IS no Sunday program, but you know what I mean) to bring you an extra special surprise post of great importance, wisdom, and wit. First, I read something so fabulous I had to share, and then I got tagged by the talented JT Ellison, and, well, I break out in hives if I don’t do what I’m told, so, without further…

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Always Tip Your Waiter – by Deb Kristy

First, a big squishy Debutante thank-you to Mia King for taking over last Saturday (hence my appearance here on Mia’s usual Thursday!). Did you all miss me? You did, didn’t you? You were bereft; you were nearly catatonic at the thought of getting through your weekend without the benefit of Deb Kristy’s words of wit and wisdom, right? Or did you even notice? What else don’t we notice? Some people…

Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Earthquake Chocolate Relief Fund by Deb Mia

This just out: if you can make it through a 6.7 earthquake (including a 5.8 aftershock and some), then you are entitled to some chocolate. Or, at least, to write off-topic. “The hairy thing that lurks under my bed” suddenly seems harmless when compared with your entire house rocking and rolling like nobody’s business. “The hairy thing that lurks under my bed” could be a science project gone bad, a…

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Everything to Fear by Deb Tish

Fear is a delicious topic. Not only is it the focus of my novel, Town House, in which the main character is too riddled with agoraphobia to leave the house, but I have such an assortment of my own fears that encapsulating them in a single blog post seemed nearly impossible. To distract myself from my formidable task, I Googled fear. There’s a fear for just about anything you can…

Tuesday, October 17, 2006