Deb Kerry Prefers Books to Movies – Most of the Time

Monday, June 24, 2013

In general, I’m more into books than movies. Not that I have anything against movies, you understand. I love my Star Wars films as much as the next gal (as long as we’re talking the original three). A good romantic comedy every now and then is good for my soul, and sometimes there is nothing like watching a good knock-down dra- out shoot ’em up-and-beat ’em senseless story on the…


Deb Elise Discusses the Birds and the Bees of Book-to-Film

Okay, kids. Now when a movie producer and an author love each other very much… I’m in L.A., and have worked in the TV/film industry for several years, but I’ve never been an author with a movie-potential novel, so I had no idea how the process really works. I’d seen blurbs in the trades about book rights selling for huge sums of money, so I pretty much thought that was…

Monday, June 6, 2011